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Misinformation or missing feature?

Gendgi-PGOGendgi-PGO Posts: 3,494 Ambassador

Looking over the "Nominations Guidelines" as linked in the Pokémon GO app, it appears there is either inaccurate information being presented or else we have a feature that is missing from the nomination process.


I've only made a few nominations through the Pokémon GO platform, but I've never seen this "feature." It's unclear to me if this is inaccurate information being presented to those looking for help or an intended feature that the dev team forgot to turn on.

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  • WheelTrekker-INGWheelTrekker-ING Posts: 3,363 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think that it was on during the beta testing but later they turned off and forgot to adjust that screen, misleading every trainer because they think that they are seeing all the existing PokéStops, but in fact they don't see all the Wayspots

  • Gendgi-PGOGendgi-PGO Posts: 3,494 Ambassador

    This text still exists and is either wrong or not implemented.

    Improvements to the submission experience - We know it’s disappointing to submit a new Wayspot in Pokémon GO only for it to get rejected because as a duplicate of what we already have. We understand it's frustrating not knowing what other nominations are live or pending review in the area and we are working on providing this information. We intend to improve the flow by providing you with the right info at the right time. 

    I guess finally turning on a feature intended from the beginning is a minor win for the community.

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