Restore a removed Wayspot

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Title of the Wayspot: Bandeira do Brasil

Location: -20.17322384084032, -40.25032119281672

City: Serra

Country: Brazil

Updated Street View:

E-mail from Niantic with portal aproval:

Additional information:


Today a portal was removed by you, which was reported by an angry rival player. That agent is known by the local players as a bad looser, his gameplay is not respectful and he has reported a large number of portals to hinder the game for others agents. By the way, this player in question has received two strikes already.

I'd like to appeal on that decision to remove the portal, since that one is eligible, it's safe and there's an updated image on Street View. Therefore, there isn't any apparent reason to this action from NIA.

There's some pictures from the wall's grafitti that I took today:

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