Wayfarer 3.2: Bug Fixes and New Languages

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Hi folks,

Slightly lighter update this time around but it includes some long awaited updates (new languages!), as well as fixes to the bugs YOU found since the last update (thank you!).

Here’s what’s new:

  • *New* language support for Russian and Thai: To switch to Russian or Thai language, go to Settings > Language edit icon > Select new language > Save. Please do report any off-translations or omissions! We’ll work with our translators to get anything fixed asap.
  • Bug fixes: Opaque roads on satellite maps in darkmode are now transparent. Overlapping sidebar menu is fixed for Safari browsers. 

Still to come this winter:

  • Updates to the Showcase
  • Updates to the training content and quiz
  • Updating the Review page interface
  • Bug fixes

As always, thank you so much for your commitment to Wayfarer (especially those folks who participated in the Wayfarer Poland Challenge), your participation here in the forum, your quality contributions, and diligence in keeping us accountable.

In the spirit of American Thanksgiving and considering what you're thankful for, I really and truly am thankful for all of you posting questions and answers, supporting one another and making this big wide world a bit more accessible to Niantic players.

We hope you stay safe and healthy as you continue to explore the world!

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