Portal Removal Appeal - "Steamtrainwheel", Berlin

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Title of the Wayspot: "Steamtrainwheel"

Location: 52.494772,13.273253

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Photos to support your claim:

Attention, this portal is located on the fenced railway premises (intercity tracks, locomotive workshops, and freight tracks) of Deutsche Bahn. Access is strictly forbidden and unauthorised access will be reported immediately. This is a really dangerous property.

The closed company premises are clearly visible on the aerial image.

On the left side of the screenshot, in the first review, the ban on entering is clearly emphasised. "Factory premises, unauthorised persons are not permitted to enter or drive on the premises."

The fenced area of the track and workshop facilities is clearly visible on the aerial photograph.

Here are two more recent photos.First the access to the property with the prohibition sign "Netz AG. railway premises forbidden to enter". The location of the photo is on the aerial photo below in the lower left coner between the two silos and construction vehicles.

the second picture was taken just behind the gate (about 15m, view from he north heading south) on the property next to the busy railroad tracks and shows in the background (with about 150m) the workshop building where the portal should be located.

The portal should be removed immediately for the safety of all players - it poses a significant health risk with serious legal consequences.

Kind regards!

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    Wayposts are only removed if they meet one of the criteria for removal. Restricted or limited access areas are not among those criteria. The criteria for removal is as follows:

    • No Pedestrian Access
    • Obstructs or interferes with Emergency Services
    • Private Residential Property
    • School (up to K12; including Day care/Child care services)
    • Permanently removed from the location
    • Duplicate of another Portal

    All other cases is reviewed by Niantic if the (verified) property owner contacts them via the form provided in the Pokémon GO or Ingress Help centers.

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    OK, but in my opinion it is not quite that simple.Let's leave aside the potential sources of danger from rail traffic. Just like the clear prohibition of entering with regard to legal consequences.But then the lack of a safe pedestrian access (see picture, no footpath) should make you think!

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    You have to prove that there is no pedestrian access. But based on Google Maps, which is further confirmed by this website, this is located at a museum at the site. With that information, pedestrian access to the exhibit is a given unless photographic evidence at the location proves otherwise.

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    Okay, wise guy! (No offence ment) You're obviously not from Berlin. Why don't you show me the official website of this "museum" unknown to me or even an announcement of the German railways about it. Not everything on the net is true and for sure there is no museum there (have a look here: https://www.berlin.de/museum/bezirk/charlottenburg-wilmersdorf/) Because otherwise all public safety and building regulations had to be fulfilled and then things look completely different on site.

    I would take another close look at the photo of the access road, which is neither handicapped accessible nor does it meet the requirements for pedestrian traffic.

    BTW you should provide better or reliable secondary sources! This is not a serious source, this looks very much like an address trader!

    Kind regards!

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  • Appeal Denied - Thanks for the appeal, Agent. We took another look at the Portal in question and decided that it does not meet our criteria for removal at this time.

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