valid statues rejected with random reasons

I hoped that the nomination system was improved in the last few years, so I gave it another try after a very long pause. All of my nominations were rejected with invalid reasoning.

There is this artist where I live, who makes mini statues. Here is a long article listing his creations: Now he made 3 new of them in my hometown, Vac. All of them has numerous articles posted by national media, I'll put a link to each of them so you can see the surroundings (sorry, only in Hungarian, but the images in the articles will prove that the statues are all real).

The first one was rejected as fake, non-existing: This statue has a historical connection to a famous Hungarian poet, who wrote a poem about these characters.

The second one was marked as seasonal display (with a few tons of concrete base which was screwed into the ground):

You can also see the mayor of the city standing behind it here:

This statue is popularizing the permanent exhibition in the building behind it.

Finally, the third one was marked as duplicate, and it was merged into a completely different portal nearby, according to the rejection email. I couldn't find which of the surrounding, completely unrelated portals it was merged into.

This is a statue of Maria Theresa, Queen of Hungary, who did not want to go under the Triumphal Arch nearby.

Here is an article summarizing all three:

Shouldn't there be an appeal button in the email? And shouldn't people who constantly reject portals with random reasons be punished? I know NIA is happy that some people still have the nerves to review candidates in OPR, but this way the portal network won't be improved at all.

And finally, of course all of my submissions contained a well recognizable view of the location of the statues, together with the street view, so anyone who has a pair of eyes could validate that the statues are there.


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