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Title of the Wayspot: 彭佳嶼

Location: 25.628513,122.08193

City: Keelung

Country: Taiwan


Screenshot of the Rejection Email:


Photos to support your claim:



Additional information: 

now,this island is spoofers base , even though most of spoofers have been banned


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    Honestly, I don’t think they should be removed.

    A military control zone is not a military base. It is not open to the general public, but it is still accessible for some people. The following description is also from the same page of Wikipedia.

    As of 2002, there were about 40 itinerant residents living on the island, who are mostly employees of the weather observatory and coast guard divisions [1].

    In Taiwan, the coast guard division does not belong to the army, the navy, or other military forces. It is under the ocean affairs council [2][3][4]. It can be transferred to **** forces only in times of war [5]. Not to mention the weather station, it is also not the **** forces. Furthermore, I didn’t find any official website that said there is a military base on the islet.

    If you search “彭佳嶼” on Google, you can find several travel blogs about the islet. One of the blogs says that you can apply to the city government for a visit to the islet. If you are a citizen, the government will approve your application most of the time [6]. There is also a package tour of the islet available [7]. As a result, the islet is not the restriction area.

    I know the players that use GPS spoofing are annoying. However, there is nothing wrong with these portals. If you caught someone cheating, please report the players, not the portals.

    If there is any problem, please let me know.


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    Excuse me,sir

    Actually , in Taiwan , due to military situation with China , after 2016, people not allowed to use phone's camera ` GPS `Wi-Fi `Bluetooth `hot spot....even in military control zone just like other military base.That is why you cannot see any photo which took "on this island" in Google map

    In other words , none can play ingress and PGO in there.

    so...why we still keep online those portal which players cannot visit them in game and let spoofers to attack other player with those portals?

    Combining the above reasons , I still insist on removing them ,thanks for your comment.

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    after 2016, people not allowed to use phone's camera ` GPS `Wi-Fi `Bluetooth `hot spot....even in military control zone just like other military base.

    I didn't find the law.

    There is a law about the restriction of cameras, GPS, Bluetooth, and hotspots on military bases. But it is not for military control zones. I'm not sure if I missed something. Could you provide the link to the law?

    That is why you cannot see any photo which took "on this island" in Google map

    Actually, we can find several photos which were taken on this island after 2016.


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    Don’t worry about it if you don’t find the law.

    I think you have brought up a critical issue. Since it is difficult to get to the island, maybe 99% of the players who take these portals are spoofers. Moreover, they have great advantages because the portals are far away from others. If the portals are under spoofers’ control, it is unfair to other players. I think it is a serious problem.

    However, removing the portals is not a solution to this problem. Spoofers still exist in the game. They can still manipulate the game by taking the portals in other remote areas. In my opinion, instead of removing the portals, we should take action to stop the cheating players.

    I think Niantic can apply several mechanisms to prevent the players from cheating. For example, if a player wants to interact with the portals in remote areas, he must take a picture of the portals first.

    Furthermore, I think some fun parts can be added to the mechanisms. For example, players can issue a challenge if they doubt someone. The person who is challenged must complete a mission to show he does not cheat. For example, put a coin in front of the object and then take a picture. If the person receives a lot of challenges, he must complete an advanced mission. For example, buy today’s newspaper, put it in front of the object, and then take a picture.

    Since I do not play Ingress, I’m not familiar with the game mechanics of Ingress. (I have an Ingress account, but it is only for checking the map.) I believe that you can propose a better solution.

    @VicusSapphires-ING What’s your opinion?

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    We took another look at the Wayspot in question and decided that it does not meet our criteria for removal at this time.

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