Series of Fake Nominations in Brahmapuri, Maharashtra, India

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Hello everyone,

I'm writing this post to bring your attention to a fake nominator in Bramhapuri, India. This person is actively nominating false POI's since last two months and Niantic doesn't seem to care about this.

They have scoured facebook groups regarding statues in parks and post them on wayfarer, misleading the reviewers into accepting these nominations as legitimate.

One example is the Pikachu statue, which exists in Suzano park, Brazil and is being nominated in India.

Similarly, these statues also have been nominated in India, whereas the real ones exist in Brazil.

Similar images of statues of Pokemon such as Larvitar, Charmander, etc. and popular media characters such as Doraemon, from various places in Japan, Sao Paulo and Korea have also been nominated by the same reviewer.

Their nominations are actually getting accepted as a Statue of Woman (20.6077, 79.8529) ( (Originally from siberia) has been accepted, giving them more confidence to nominate fake POIs.,79.852497&z=21


These photos are from third party sources and these third parties can sue niantic for misrepresenting them and unlawful use. I sincerely appeal to niantic to ban nomination privileges for the respective wayfarer, so that it may deter my fellow reviewers from falling into thinking them as real.

Thank you for your time.


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