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More about government buldings

Hello. Should anyone give further guidance about which government buildings other than city hall would be eligible?

Submitters in my country keep nominating any government buildings, like governor/regent/mayor/district office ('kantor gubernur/bupati/walikota/kelurahan/kecamatan' in Indonesia), ministry/authorities office ('kantor kementerian/dinas' in Indonesia), eductaion and training center ('Pusdiklat' in Indonesia), Embassy office ('kantor kedutaan' in Indonesia) of other countries, and many other government buildings and they said those are 'acceptable under Niantic criteria' (although it's not official statement from Niantic).

Many governmental buildings has their cultural architecture depend on their location, while others are just like regular office building. And some submitters would like to nominate their name sign instead of the building. Some ministries buildings are used to be a place where local citizens do important business that involving government, such as Immigration office to make passport, and many others. But those buildings are not public gathering places, at all.

Thank you.

Extra: should any acceptable objects like statues, fountains, and other inside government buildings eligible?


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