Want to get this right the first time, as I won't be visiting again soon

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I am visiting a town this weekend and have looked into a location I would like to nominate. I think it is a strong candidate because it is a great place to gather in a building that is on the historical registry, but because I won't be back to the town for quite some time, I would like to submit the best nomination possible.

Title: Evvy's Coffeehouse

Photos: (obviously I don't have anything yet, but because it's a local business, it should be a straightforward photo, similar to the one in the ABC news article linked in supporting info)

Description: With a main room, private parlor, and back patio, Evvy's Coffeehouse is a charming place to gather in the community and is owned by a La Porte family. Yoga, open mic, and other events are hosted here. This hyperlocal coffee shop was opened in 2021 and is named for the owners' daughter. What's more, it's housed in a building from 1900, part of the Indiana and Michigan Avenues Historic District.

Supporting info: It is not a private residence, as the house has been turned into a local business. Street view is outdated, so see this news article for address confirmation and more info: https://www.abc57.com/news/evvy-s-coffeehouse-to-open-in-la-porte Info on the historic district registered by the National Park Service: https://www.nps.gov/nr/feature/places/14000807.htm

I wanted to link directly to the NPS PDF that lists the exact address, but unfortunately their PDFs seem to be down right now.

Related question: I've been on a hiatus, so not sure if something as changed. Are updates still applied automatically? I nominated three sites today, and only one got an update applied (I had three updates in storage). I'm wondering because the coffeehouse doesn't officially open for a few weeks, so as to not hurt the nomination's chances, I was planning on letting it sit in queue for a little and applying an upgrade in a few weeks.

Any constructive feedback is appreciated!


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    Seeing as its not even open for business yet claiming that its a hyperlocal coffe house and a charming place to gather, are just lies. You can't know this until its been open for a few months.

    Sorry but your using keywords to try and claim its a good place, when its not even started trading yet.

    Your description reads more as an advertisement rather than describing the place, theres a fine line between being descriptive and just being a marketing advert, and for me your description creeps over into being an advert more than giving me information on it.

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    How is it a lie? It's a place specifically designed to gather, the interior is well decorated, and on social media, local residents have expressed excitement to visit. It's local because it's an independent business unique to the area owned and operated by people who live in the town.

    What information would be good to add? (I was going to add the architectural style of the building, but I can't remember it and the NPS website that lists it is partly down right now.)

    As I mentioned, I would like to "delay" this nomination by letting it sit in queue for a while before I apply an upgrade.

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    I don't think it's bad! It might be great. My opinion...

    Drop the word "hyperlocal" - it does sound like trying to manipulate reviewers. Don't give the owner's name - sounds like a callout. You can't say events ARE held there at this moment - but that was too much salesmanlike info anyway.

    "With a main room, private parlor, and back patio, Evvy's Coffeehouse is a charming place to gather in the community. Located in a building from 1900, part of the Indiana and Michigan Avenues Historic District."

    For the Supporting, drop "It is not a private residence". Sounds like you're begging, and maybe "up to something". (Plus, it's poor persuasive writing, to start with a negative.) Just say "This former house has been turned into a local business..."

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