Flood disaster in Germany

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First of all, I don't want to hear vague guesses from the community. I just want an official statement from Niantic.

As you have probably heard in the news, some parts of Germany are affected by severe flooding.

Now there is the following problem with Wayfarer: You get wayspots for evaluation that are correct in terms of location and meet the criteria - but of which you know that they can no longer exist because they have been destroyed by this catastrophe.

Should you evaluate this normally and pretend you don't know anything about the situation?

Or should one reject these requests?

Because not everyone is well informed and there will be major disagreements because some accept it and others reject it.

Also ... since hundreds, if not thousands, of wayspots have been destroyed ... do you have to hope that the local communities are honestly harming themselves by deleting all of their wayspots because they all no longer exist? Or will Niantic be fair enough to assess the situation itself and virtually clean up the affected areas ?

The problem will also be that even if the water disappears, there will be enormous costs to repair the damage, I think the cities will not have the money for monuments and information boards to replace them.


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