Niantic posted this on the ingress forums

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Niantic has announced that the backend for the Ingress Portal Network will be upgraded to the latest version of Niantic Wayfarer and Niantic Lightship. During these upgrades, photo submissions as well as portal edits will be delayed by several weeks. Niantic asks that you do not submit them twice.

Also, the email you receive when you submit a portal proposal or a decision has been made about it will be adjusted. In the future, this email will come directly from the Niantic Wayfarer platform, which will tell you that your proposal has been accepted by the Wayfarer community. This does not mean that it will result in a Portal. It is being changed to make it clear that acceptance of a suggestion does not necessarily mean that it will become a portal.

The Ingress team knows that many use these emails to keep track of which portals have come online, and they are exploring ways to bring this notification back.


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