Maybe this is a bug. (Case in Japan)

Hi, @NianticGiffard .

I have become a change in the system for some time now, although it's been particularly noticeable over the last few weeks.

Because I do not believe that our colleagues, the judges who are supposed to have passed the examinations and qualified themselves, dared to allow the following ineligible items to pass.

I think this is just a case of information that was flagged and sent as "should have been rejected I think it's just that the information that was flagged as "supposed to be rejected" was mistakenly flagged as ONLINE and appeared on the "ingress prime", "Harry Potter Wizards Unite" or "Pokémon GO" .

Yes, this must be a bug.

Here are several examples of what I think are "buggy events" of what I think.

I think it is this bug that is causing these ONLINE Wayspots to be ONLINE.

I am sure that my friends, AGs and TLs near the way spot will already send a request to remove it, but just to let you know. :)

However, I'm a bit embarrassed, so I'm not going to submit it to "REPORT A BUG' NEW BUG", but to "General Discussion" here. 


Title of the Wayspot:Setagaya PD


City:2 Choume 4-4,Sangen-Jaya,Setagaya-ku,Tokyo Setagaya Police Department


Google Map:,139.667162/@35.6399382,139.6671189,19.75z

Description: Setagaya Police Department

Official WebSite:

Population of Setagaya-ku

The police department guarding 939,100 people.

It seems that not only the Setagaya Police Station, 

that one after another, "交番(Koban. *mean police boxes)" are coming online as Wayspots!

Title of the Wayspot:目黒駅前交番


City:JR Meguro station, 2-16-9 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. Meguro Ekimae Koban


Google Map:,139.716088/@35.633797,139.7162576,20.25z

Google Street View:

Official WebSite:

A Koban(交番. police box) is a small police station on a street corner, staffed by several police officers.

There is an English Wikipedia page on the subject, which will guide you.

Wikipedia Koban

You will find out a great deal about what is called a Koban in Japan.

Do some research by copying and pasting the word "交番".

(Please,Try searching for "交番" in Japanese.)

I think you will find that there are countless numbers of "police boxes", which are supposed to be small police stations, ONLINE as Wayspots all over Japan.

Meguro Ekimae Koban is just one sample. I've heard that there are a lot of Koban became ONLINE, all over Japan. 

I would like to see the research of all "Koban Wayspot" in Japan.Please.


Title of the Wayspot:セブンイレブン西荻北


City:4 Choume 1-19,Nishiogi-Kita,Suginami-ku,Tokyo 


Google Map: 


Official WebSite:

Wikipedia 7-Eleven

One of the shops in the chain of convenience stores, 7-Eleven, has recently become a Wayspot.

Many AGs and TLs in the Japanese Ingress community and on Twitter have heard about it, but it still seems to exist as a Wayspot today.

Ingress community "セブンイレブンポータル爆誕"

7-Eleven Portal (suddenly, like a big bang) Birth

Google Street View

I have heard from friends this 7-Eleven is not the only chain convenience store to become a Wayspot.

For example, here is one.

Title of the Wayspot:LAWSON STORE 100 市ヶ谷田町店


City:Futaba Building, 3 Ichiyadacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 


Title of the Wayspot:カタツムリ、チューリップ、カブトムシ (*mean "Snails, tulips and beetles")


City:260-1 Futatabashi, Gotemba-shi, Shizuoka, Japan Gotemba Municipal Gotemba Kindergarten


Google Map: 


The local Street View shows the location of the portal.

It looks like this

At the gate of the kindergarten you will see a brown stone tablet embedded with the name of the kindergarten engraved on it.

This is an anamorphosis drawing on the fence of the kindergarten wall.

This is a kindergarten run by the city of Gotemba.

A message from the director of the kindergarten can be found on the official website of Gotemba City.

Gotenba City Official WebSite: 

There is a house on the south side of the kindergarten. I became aware of this abuse when we learned that an application had been made from the second floor of that house.

I was heartbroken to learn of this abuse. So I once made a removal request on Ingress Community (JP), but it was rejected by mod "supportapac001".


Title of the Wayspot:ICU教会幼児園


City:10-4, Osawa 3-chome, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo

International Christian University (ICU) Church Infant School


Google Street View:


Towa Dormitory (located in Mitaka City, Tokyo) is a women's dormitory where female university students from several universities live together.

It is strange that the infant hospital is approved as a way spot in the first place. This is probably a bug in the system. Furthermore,

There is a post on the official website here dated 17 September 2015, which reads

"International Christian University Church Preschool will close in March 2016. The announcement is posted at

Please, copy and paste the string "ICU教会幼児園" and do a Google search.

You will see an indication that the business is "closed(閉業)".

I would like to add that, due to the influence of the corona

We have found a notice on ICU Christian University's official website stating that due to the effects of the corona, students will not be allowed to enter the campus after 1 April 2020.


The city of Mitaka, where this (4) exists, is a strange place.

There is even a hospital not far from there that is Wayspot.

We invite you to see it for yourself.

Title of the Wayspot:長谷川病院


City:20, Osawa 2-chome, Mitaka-City, Tokyo


Google Map:,139.532575/@35.6746084,139.5326271,20z

And although Wayspot is a hospital, the location of the pin is a car park.

The real Hasegawa Hospital is next to this car park.

Hasegawa Hospital is a psychiatric hospital.

The hospital buildings themselves, as well as those that exist within the hospital grounds, have recently been turned into Wayspots one after another. I am horrified.

In addition to the Hasegawa Hospital, there are many other Hospital Wayspots.

Too much "This is substandard stuff! so we think that there is probably a major bug in the system.

There are too many to list for you (really. I'm sure it's a huge number! I can't mention every single one of them.

And they are scattered all over Japan.

It would be almost impossible for each of us to do a local survey.

So could you please investigate whether this is due to a bug that has occurred?

The results of the survey

"警察署" Police Station

"交番"(Koban ,police box)


Children's centres and kindergartens

Convenience stores and other chain shops

If all of these can be removed at once, it would be very welcome!

I understand you are very busy, but I appreciate your help.



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