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Topic: Request to update PokemonGo Map

Area: City Forest Ghaziabad

About City Forest: City Forest Park, which is located on the banks of the Hindon, has walking trails, cycle tracks,, horse-riding facility and guided tours for visitors with open gypsy/jeep rides.The project, which is spread across 150 acres,and is offering the public an opportunity to try all rides .

The park is open from 5am to 7.30pm on all seven days. The pathway for hikers is narrower. Trees like neem, bamboo, amla, jamun, arjun have been planted along the routes, “This gives the whole place the look of a natural forest,In the last one year, nearly two lakh saplings of different varieties have been planted in the area in addition to the existing tree cover of the region. The entire project area has been divided into nine blocks – A to I – with different features and facilities in each part.

Two water bodies in the park – a five acre and a three-acre lake – will have boating facilities for visitors. The three-acre lake is a natural wetland whereas tube wells have been set up for the five acre lake to augment water supply to it. The lakes are expected to attract migratory birds in the coming winters.

A deer park spread across five acres has also been proposed. The Authority will also develop a bamboo park and has sought technical advice from the Delhi’s chief conservator of forests and Forest Research Institute of Dehradun. i

Its a beautiful place for picnic.

Intel Link: http://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=28.697419,77.396937&z=16&pll=28.698262,77.395874

Photos :

Open Street Map : Was updated on Jan 2020

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