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Specific Gym Not Spawning Raids

HauntedResearch-PGOHauntedResearch-PGO Posts: 112 ✭✭✭

The gym below, The Liberty Store Mural in Auburn, NY, does not spawn raids. I can see it from my house and even during the Kanto event, Go Fest, and Raid Hour when raids are popping at every other gym in the surrounding area this gym will not spawn one.

I tried to reach out to Niantic through the in-game support menu but only got an automated response that guessed I was trying to report I wasn't able to defeat the gym and info on that, after some back and forth with the automated system I decided to post the issue here.

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  • KitKat07-PGOKitKat07-PGO Posts: 44 ✭✭✭

    Not sure this is a bug issue. I do know of one store (the Wayspot was a statue) where they did not mind the Wayspot being a gym in front of their store, since it brought in people. However, that store contacted Niantic to turn off raids since it caused their customers and employees problems due to lots of people blocking the store entrance. So, there was a gym with no raids.

    I also know of museums and churches that have contacted Niantic to turn off gyms and stops during certain hours or when they are closed. So those Wayspots are unplayable (can't spin/battel/raid) when that business is closed.

    My best advise would be contact In-'game support and ask as they could give you a better answer of why there are no raids on the specific gym.

    Please also note that this forum is for Wayfarer and nominations. Any game specific questions/discussions are normally closed and pointed to that game's in game support.

    Hope this helps you.

  • Hello @HauntedResearch-PGO! Please consult our Twitter support team (@NianticHelp) or reach through in-app support for in-app-related queries. I will be closing this thread for future comments based on the content of the discussion. Thanks for your understanding!

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