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Single fitness equipment: reject or accept it if there is no other wayspot in that area?

Entroponaut-PGOEntroponaut-PGO Posts: 20 ✭✭✭

I recall that during the opr times, there were instructions on outdoor fitness equipments that as a group they are 5* nominations but single equipment should be rejected.

And now the latest clarifications say that:

Outdoor and Indoor Playgrounds

  • Acceptable: 
  • Playgrounds in parks and apartment complexes: accept one nomination per play area. If a Wayspot already exists for the play area, mark the individual play structures as duplicates of the play area’s Wayspot. For example, there shouldn’t be individual Wayspots for the slide and swing set within a play area, but rather one for that playground overall.

So, I wonder should we still reject single equipment even when there is no other wayspot in that area?


Thanks for the feedbacks from AgentB0ss-ING tehstone-ING and Faversham71-ING, here are some adjustments to my queation:

  1. Should the new playgroud rule apply to outdoor fitness equipments?
  2. If it should, what do we do with the old reject-single-equipment rule?
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