Submission Disappeared completely

WayfarerMSE-PGOWayfarerMSE-PGO Posts: 1,441 ✭✭✭✭✭

I used 14 Submissions on August 13th via Ingress to submit new wayspots. I received a confirmation email for all 14 and all 14 could also be seen in Wayfarer. After about 48 hours, one of the submissions has completely disappeared from Wayfarer! I thought this might have something to do with Niantic's maintenance work on Wayfarer, but even though this is now apparently completed, the missing submission has still not reappeared in Wayfarer. The other submissions have nearly all already been processed, i.e. accepted or rejected, but I have no status for the submission that has disappeared ... Help! What's happening? What can I do?




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