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Approved Portals not showing on Map/no key in inventory



  • kamikatze07-INGkamikatze07-ING Posts: 81 ✭✭✭✭

    Got another approval in under 1 week without upgrade (a surprise by all means).

    again not live.

  • YouLostAStar-INGYouLostAStar-ING Posts: 280 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Same, was a massive surprise to me. Review queue in that area is months at least

  • Shokar86-PGOShokar86-PGO Posts: 1 ✭✭
    Hello there
    I have the same problem. 2 accepted portals that are not close to others that do not appear.

  • kamikatze07-INGkamikatze07-ING Posts: 81 ✭✭✭✭

    Just got another approval that is not live. Makes 2 today.

  • reedekolmteist-INGreedekolmteist-ING Posts: 59 ✭✭✭

    I submitted a portal on Tue, 24 Aug, 17:33 (2 days ago). Today (Thu, 26 Aug, 14:46) I got an email that the portal was accepted, but I do not have the key for this portal and the Portals Discovered metric has not got a +1 to it.

    The said POI was missing from Wayfarer. Saw it there once I submited it, then it dissapeared and it was back on my list after it was accepted. Got the email, it is not near any portals, have not gone live.

  • reedekolmteist-INGreedekolmteist-ING Posts: 59 ✭✭✭

    Got a reply from Niantic after contacting support.

    So it seems that there are "additional reviews" after the POI is accepted.

    But I still cannot understand why they send our acceptance emails when all of the review procces isn't done.

  • Shilfiell-INGShilfiell-ING Posts: 1,545 ✭✭✭✭✭

    My waypoint took ages to get through, was rejected the first time (night photo bias), took ages after resubmission, finally got approved - and is now going on four weeks since it was deemed "approved" and "wayfarer-eligible" and showed up in Pokemon Go. If there are additional reviews beyond the proximity check, they're certainly lengthy. If this is all the "several weeks" delay from the Lightship migration, then....time's running out on that completion estimate, and an update would be appreciated.

  • deepbluewater-INGdeepbluewater-ING Posts: 1 ✭✭

    I just got an portal approved after a long time and also did not get a key or anything for it. Enough space around it to not be blocked by other portals.

  • mobilete-INGmobilete-ING Posts: 5 ✭✭

    I also would like to report the same issue with a wayspot approved and not showing on the intel map + missing key + bonus AP + badge stat

    I have not found any other way to share the details of the nomination but here are the details

    GPS approximate location -36.8499467,174.8694506,16.25



    email approval in the attachment

  • mobilete-INGmobilete-ING Posts: 5 ✭✭

    I also would like to report the issue where nomination that get accepted do not appear on intel map and should qualify as there is no other nearby wayspot

    approximate GPS location is -36.8499467,174.8694506,16.25

    is there any better way to share details when such thing happen ? like an unique ID to identify the nomination ?

    I would like also to ask to get the key, the bonus AP and the + 1 to my badge


  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 5,327 Ambassador

    Just to keep this live.

    I too have not had accepted POI appear.

    My theory - it is a work in progress, is based on what I have seen, the change in wording in notifications and the wording given by NianticDanbocat in his recent posts. I think we need to change our mindset.


    all approved POI under went the application of the 20m, edits were then added (not subject to 20m rule) and went straight to the Ingress as THE waypoint database.

    Once a day this database synced with PoGo where the cell rules were applied for poke stops and gyms to appear.

    As of several weeks ago this process stoped.


    All approved POI (undergo application of 20m rule???) and are uploaded to an independent Waypoint database.

    Question: not applying the 20m rule at this point potentially allows a much bigger database?

    Ingress pulls data from that database extremely frequently, ( maybe 20m rule applied at this point???) and these are added to game board.

    Question: There appears to be more instances of portals not appearing. Could this be that Ingress are applying some new rules? It seems odd that some are appearing and some are not.

    Pokémon Go pulls data from the Waypoint database ( once a day still?) applies the cell rules ( and if not previously done the 20m rule) and the points appear in the game.

    Question: Are there any new rules being applied?

    HPWU presumably follows a similar pattern.


    I would have assumed that agreed edits would follow a similar route (Waypoint database then data pulled) and the data pull to Ingress appears to be picking them up, but it seems faulty in the data pull to Pokémon Go, although it might be edits are only pulled to Pokémon Go on a less frequent basis. This might make sense if they are trying to put in in extra checks/rules to prevent misuse of edits which appears to be more impactful I Pokémon Go???

    I am mindful that Niantic’s history with programming is not great so anything could be possible.

    My major problem is that the change and it’s impacts (whatever it turns out to be) is not being communicated clearly and comprehensively.

    Wayfarer washes its hands at the point where the New Waypoint database is created.

    You can forget trying to get an answer from Pokémon Go bots.

    Ingress, I don’t know.

    It is all very unsatisfactory and like some others I have stopped reviewing until I know what is happening in a holistic view.

  • kamikatze07-INGkamikatze07-ING Posts: 81 ✭✭✭✭

    That is why we need the actual rules for ingress if there are new rules. So we don't waste our submissions. Also those new rules should not be applied to old submisssions because then they are worthless. But as always no clear communication.

    It all started suddenly...seems like a bug.

    Therefore i still treat it like a bug.

    At the moment i dont even want to get a decision mail because of that.

  • YouLostAStar-INGYouLostAStar-ING Posts: 280 ✭✭✭✭✭

    2 of my missing portals are over 100m away from next nearest portal so I doubt it’s a new rule.

    the previous rules have always been very logical. No 2 pokestops within the same L17 cell, no portal within 20m etc

  • ForzaComo-INGForzaComo-ING Posts: 187 ✭✭✭

    Has it been discussed that these wayspots that do not turn out in Ingress, seem to be reviewed unordinarily fast, and thus most likely they are reviewed by Wayfarer/Niantic staff (or bots) instead of the community?

    Is there something in this to investigate?

    It seems that we the users/customers have to solve the root of this issue instead of Niantic once again to get something done.

  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 5,327 Ambassador

    Of my 3

    2 don’t appear in Ingress. One was a big surprise as it was only submitted in May in an area where nothing has moved unless upgraded for over 18 months and it went from in queue to accepted in less than a day.

    None of my 3 are in busy cells, so plenty space around.

    I’m interested in the idea of the involvement of bots.

    and Yes @ForzaComo-ING I suspect it is up to us to investigate and solve.

    The silence from Niantic is deafening

  • PTavares76-INGPTavares76-ING Posts: 6 ✭✭

    Why Nobody from Niantic explains this? For now I will fully stop both submitions and reviews until we all understand what is happening.

    Its a shame that Niantic chooses to ignore all of us

  • Garciapedroso-PGOGarciapedroso-PGO Posts: 10 ✭✭

    I have same problem here in Brazil. Submited on September'2020

    On 27th of July was approved one point in the wayfarer. I receive the mail confirming this.

    But the point never appear in game and was in empty cell, far enough for other points and not appear in IITC...

    -20,9419223, -48,4908716

  • Shilfiell-INGShilfiell-ING Posts: 1,545 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I'm also posting to the Ingress forum, where I think this bug likely belongs for now: the Wayfarer notifications are sent as soon as standard acceptance is given, but unlike the past (for Ingress) the proximity check does not seem to be performed concurrently.

    Ideally, both a 20m Proximity check AND a S2 cell check would take place prior to email notification, and a more customized email could be sent: "your waypoint was accepted, and will soon appear in the following games....". I don't know the rules around HPWU inn/greenhouse/fortress spacing, but I think the listing of specific games would help clear up a lot of submitter confusion. A single boilerplate "if you're wondering why your wayspot did not appear in all games, please visit the Wayfarer forum (with embedded link) to learn more about the spacing standards set by our external partners" or something similar. This would allow each game to maintain its own ruleset for waypoint use, while still getting Wayfarers involved and informed.

    Here's my text from the Ingress bug report thread - please note (pokemon go wayfarers) that I am not asking for my key as a reward, I just want my portal to appear as it's done in the past:

    It's been nearly four weeks since my accepted, eligible waypoint went live....in Pokemon Go. It's spaced well away from others in its area so proximity is not an issue. If this is a matter of new publication rules for certain waypoints in the Ingress database, please enlighten us....as well as letting us know what brought on this rather harsh punishment against one game while another one is getting a massive global reward. Should we start a petition?

    Maybe it's just the proximity check. If the old servers were able to calculate distance in seconds and send out an email only after that calculation had taken place, what improvement is there in a new system that cannot do the same?

    And lastly, if my missing waypoint is just delayed by the Lightship move, and will appear in time....can we get a new and more realistic estimate for when the sync will complete? I'm not too concerned about the key and the AP. My primary missing portal is in my microfield area and I'm perfectly capable of getting keys myself. I would like to see this spot live as a portal because it's valid and it will also enhance my best microfielding area, and thus help me complete the current Courier challenge.

  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 5,327 Ambassador

    I do think that the problem whatever it turns out to be is more to do with Ingress.

    Be it a bug or some new rules/checks that are taking place something is happening between the approved POI entering the wayspot database and what then appears in ingress.

  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 5,327 Ambassador


    I have added to that thread on Ingress.

    Essentially it is up to us to figure it out.

    So here is my experience for the 3 I have had approved during this period.

    All 3 have appeared in Pokémon Go

    Setting is urban area in UK where nothing has reached agreement without upgrade for around 18 months

    POI 1 - only in PoGo all 8 adjoining L17 empty, Level 14 cell before this point at 12 POI, adjoining Level 14 - 2 have 20+, the other 6 are some way way from 20, including 1 cell that has just 1.

    It was what I would consider a 3* nomination submitted last May that had been in voting fo a long time, an ex pub with local historical significance. No upgrade applied.

    POI 2 - only in PoGo 6 empty adjoining L17 empty, 2 filled cells but the POI are almost as far they can be from the new POI. Level 14 cell at 13 POI, 3 adjoining 20+ cells, The other 5 are over 10+ 

    it is a piece of street art of a face. So quite subjective, It was only submitted a few months ago and I was happy to let it take its time. I did not upgrade, I know I had been checking through the previous day and it was at in queue status. I was really surprised the next evening to find it live in PoGo. Something very odd.

    POI 3 - in both Ingress and PoGo. 7 empty adjoining L17 cells, not near the POI in the filled cell. The level 14 cell has 10 POI, 6 of the adjacent Level 14 are empty, the other 2 have 5 and 1.

    it is a good wildlife information board so I considered it a 5* nomination, and applied an upgrade which was quickly approved.

    Just trying to share info in the hope of a pattern emerging

  • iHellrai5er-PGOiHellrai5er-PGO Posts: 110 ✭✭✭

    I also got this issue today. Submitted a wayspot and got reviewed in 4 days, but after i got the acceptance mail, i dont have the key nor the place visible in intel.

  • Shilfiell-INGShilfiell-ING Posts: 1,545 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Please keep us updated on the Wayfarer side! Are there Wayfarer elements to this issue? Upgrades appear to be part of the issue (they effectively block the bug if applied). Are the Wayfarer and Ingress teams working together on this one?

  • iHellrai5er-PGOiHellrai5er-PGO Posts: 110 ✭✭✭

    Issue happened to my submission. Closest POI is 388 metres away.

    I still cant wrap around the logic of eligible in one game and not eligible in another game. People are just going to the same place.

  • Gazzas89-PGOGazzas89-PGO Posts: 2,599 ✭✭✭✭✭

    As I said earlier, one of mine wasn't in an overly dense area, both in the immediate vicinity and in a bigger cell, while another was in a fairly populated area as its at the edge of a park with a lot of portals, so there doesn't seem to be any level of consistency

  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 5,327 Ambassador

    Has anyone got examples of where an upgrade was applied and it has not so far appeared on Ingress.

  • LucarioIsLove-PGOLucarioIsLove-PGO Posts: 16 ✭✭

    I encountered the same problem today.

    Title: Gartenschach

    Cords: 50.993032, 12.446789 (not 100% exactly - just for reference - but 100% enough away from a existing portal)

    I know the surrounding looks packed with Portals, but i explicitly submitted the woodsign instead of the stone chess tables in front of the club because at this location there was still a free spot for this Portal.

    Sadly I cant proof if the Portal would have synced with PoGo, because the Cell was already filled with another Pokestop.

    Also a random side effect I noticed:

    The voting process was surprisingly super fast. In this area I normally have to wait ~3-4 months if I wouldnt boost some submissions but in this case I submitted the Portal, after two days it switched to "voting" and only another two days later I already got the approval mail.

  • harpsM-INGharpsM-ING Posts: 6 ✭✭

    Sharing the observation with the recent issue we all having... So had few upgraded nominations showing up fine in all games. Had another non upgraded accepted portal not showing up in Intel again.

  • KitKat07-PGOKitKat07-PGO Posts: 44 ✭✭✭

    I had a portal nomination go missing. This seems to be normal as @NianticGiffard stated in https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/21513/my-wayfarer-nominations-have-just-been-disappeared#latest"This happens when we manually review nominations. Don't worry, you should receive a mail once a decision has been reached for the candidate".

    So when I got the accepted email today, I was happy. It did showed back up once a decision was made. However, once again there is no key in my inventory and the portal doesn't show on the map.

    So I am now wondering if these missing approved portals are due to Niantic's manual reviewing. @NianticTintino this seems to be the same bug as in https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/comment/109312

  • cyndiepooh-INGcyndiepooh-ING Posts: 1,244 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Just had another not upgraded acceptance that did not appear immediately in ingress.

    This issue HAS to be connected to not being upgraded, because upgraded accepted nominations have gone live as planned. I can't check if the pin got moved in voting because neither the wayfarer nomination page nor the email gives me the gps coordinates any more.

    But the pin on the poi was not within 20meters of any other wayspot when I submitted it.

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