Title Edit Appeal: Infoschild Caspar-David-Friedrich-Bildungsweg

Title of the Wayspot: Infoschild Caspar-David-Friedrich-Bildungsweg

Suggested new Title: CDF Bildweg 10: Auf dem Ryck

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=54.093098,13.448526&z=18 (54.093098,13.448526)

City: Greifswald

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Additional information: Website about the Trail: http://caspar-david-friedrich-greifswald.de/caspar-david-friedrich-trail.html - the actual text is translated, but you can see in the photo that the correct name is "Caspar-David-Friedrich-Bildweg", not "...-Bildungsweg" (as in the original title)

Additionally, this trail consists of multiple stops (13 in total). All of them have their own name, so each corresponding Waypoint should have said name in its title I think. And since there are one Waypoint for each Stop, naming this Waypoint after the whole trail seems a bit too generic.

Map of the whole trail: http://caspar-david-friedrich-greifswald.de/karte-caspar-dvid-friedrich-walk.html

Some example of other Portals that are part of the trail: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=54.099235,13.383896&z=18 / https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=54.096327,13.376112&z=17 / https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=54.096067,13.380505&z=18

As you can see, all of them are called "CDF Bildweg {number}: {name}". To follow that pattern, the title of the Waypoint in Question should be CDF Bildweg 10: Auf dem Ryck



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