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I usually review using my Pokemon GO account. My Ingress Prime account is only level 6. I reviewed using the Pokemon GO account several days ago. In Paragould, Arkansas, I reviewed nomination next to a Portal. Just south of Paragould City Hall is Paragould Statue of Liberty on Ingress Intel Map. Across W Court St is the Portal named Desert Storm Memorial. However, the statue of liberty is actually part of the Portal for Desert Storm Memorial. I filled out the request remove or modify a Wayspot using my Pokemon GO account. One was just a Portal. I received a reply with instructions and a link. I contacted city hall in Paragould. If I was in Paragould, I know how to report the one as ineligible. However, I am about 150 miles away. I do not drive. That is a long walk that I have no plans to make. How do I remove the one that should not be present when I am not there? Google Maps is accurate.


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