Fake Wayspot

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Title of the Wayspot: Sacramento Wall Art

Location: 19.217048,72.846737

City: Mumbai

Country: India

Screenshot of the Rejection Email :

Hi @NianticGiffard I would like to get into your notice that this Wayspot is a fake Wayspot which exists in a different location which is totally valid.

Additional information:

The original art can be found on Pinterest

Here's the link : https://pin.it/3sFCHqm


Please remove this fake Wayspot which has been created as you can clearly see the geotagged images below of the Wayspot location nothing appears in it.

Proof (Geotagged images of fake Wayspot location):

@NianticGiffard Please investigate which accounts falsely reviewed the portal. I believe there is a massive conspiracy to manipulate reviews by the local ENL & their Trainer friends.

The accounts that have been used to make fake portals should also have their Wayfarer access & nomination rights revoked permanently as they are trying to put up fakes all over the place.

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