Rejection due to duplicate but no duplicate available

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The red dot is the location of my submission.

The coordinates would be:

49.398100286462814, 6.78368987700116


Title of the Wayspot: Walderlebnispfad Station 1: Geschicklichkeit

Location: 49.398100286462814, 6.78368987700116

City: Nalbach

Country: Germany


For the second time, I've received a rejection because of a duplicate.

That's not the case. This portal does not exist a second time.

Nothing can be seen on the Intel card.

This is a unique station.

The alleged photo was also not added to any portal.

Where is that supposed to be a duplicate?

I could submit that 10 more times and it would always be rejected as a duplicate.

I know what it could be. It's up to your system.

Someone has certainly submitted the portal once and it was accepted, but since there must always be a distance of 20 meters between the portals, the portal was not included in the game in Ingress. (Not in the other games anyway).

But if you now have my portal proposal in the evaluation, the portal that does not exist in the area must be displayed, otherwise none of the evaluators would press the duplicate.

And so I always get the duplicate back, which is not there and only comes up with a rating.

I cannot complete this path and also cannot implement my planned ingress mosaic, because I cannot get this portal into the game.

How can you solve the problem? 

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    You wait a week for an answer and then the post is moved to a community tab without comment?


    This is about a bug on the part of Wayfarer that could easily be fixed!

    Why is the community treated like this?

    You point out an error in the program and you are ignored?

    Then it will be time that I won't do anything for you anymore.

    You make almost 120,000 reviews in Wayfarer and then you just kindly point out a mistake and it is simply ignored.

    The community tab is useless as it is a problem on your part.

    After all, the post wasn't simply deleted.

    Hushing up problems and admitting errors only under pressure from the community is best for you.

    That was it.

    I'm out. 

  • Hello @Noniusxo-ING,

    At this time, we are unable to provide specific details for each nomination that is ineligible. New Wayspot nominations that are deemed ineligible by the player community will not be overturned. If you believe your PokéStop nomination should have been eligible, we suggest re-submitting the PokéStop candidate after improving the title, description, and/or photo.


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    He did talk about Ingress Portal, not Pokestop. His question is probably this:

    "Why did my nomination rejected for duplicate to another Portal NOT exist in Ingress? Can you tell if this Wayspot already added in the system (Niantic Lightship Database)?"

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    @NianticTintino @NianticDanbocat can you check this one, please? We all already know that a clarification about this issue was already posted in Ingress forum.

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    There is a problem with Wayfarer.

    This duplicate is not there. It will still be shown in the rating for the reviewers. But it is not there on the Intel card and the duplicate photo has not been assigned to any portal. This is a bug in the system.

    This has nothing to do with the reviewers!

    Instead of publishing a copied answer as a reaction, the reaction on your part only shows that they have not read my text and they do not care about the problem, as I have already written that this has happened for the second time and a new submission will not do anything will.

    Please take the time to pass this on to the programmers and then publish an answer.

    Because as I said, submitting a new application does not bring.

    I apologize for my wording, but you have to understand that this portal is important for a planned Ingress mosaic and that I cannot use other portals as a substitute and that changing the path afterwards would be much too difficult, since all missions are checked individually by one employee Need to become. 

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    But my message appears to have been ignored or the error doesn't seem to matter.

    I published it here in the Wayfarer Forum because it is a bug on the part of Wayfarer and not Ingress. Although a little.

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    Ok everyone. Niantic will not look into it for you. Its been rejected as a duplicate. Your option is simple. Either re submit or move on.

    Questions for why they may have been marked as a duplicate. Is there any other similar poi close to the location as the one you submitted? You can even check to see what your photo was added to when looking at the portal.

    once you take a quick 10minute look. You can decide how to make your nomination look or point out the differences to get it accepted or move on and nominate something more unique

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    This station is not in the game. The photo has not been assigned to a portal.

    I checked all portals.

    As already mentioned, the duplicate only appears in the rating, since it appears to be in the database and is only displayed in the rating.

    Niantic does not want to look at the bug because it is not relevant enough.

    As I said, submitting a new one is of no use, as it will be rejected as a duplicate each time as long as the POI is displayed as present in the evaluation, which is known to be incorrect. 

  • Could it be that this same waypoint has been submitted, and approved, and pending release into the game? To the community reviewing your submission this will show but potentially not in game, yet.

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