Ideas to make future Wayfarer Events more engaging

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I figured with Wayfarer events ramping up again, we as users could toss around ideas about how to make Wayfarer Events more engaging so that participants don't just "one and done" it to get easy rewards. Hopefully these ideas will help people hop on early and review more during the events.

Tiered Rewards:

Basically, better rewards for people who reviewed more. This would get people to review more in order to unlock better/more rewards.

Team Competition:

Team competition like how we have ENL vs RES back on OPR. It could be done by Ingress or PoGO team, or made-up teams specifically for the competition. Seeing the agreements racked up by ENL and RES back in the OPR days was exciting! As some of you may know, this is a personal favorite of mine.

Wayfarer Bingo:

Bingo is a popular game to play while reviewing by many local wayfarer groups. While it might be too difficult to implement a game where the spaces are things like "playground" or "gazebo" that could also be automatically checked, the spaces could be geographic locations, or the last digits of GPS coordinates or something. Or maybe even a bingo ball roll for everyone every time 100 new wayspots are added if you added at least one agreement in that group.

Anyone else have any idea that could make Wayfarer events more engaging and exciting?



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