K-12 spots reported, report honored, but they're still here.

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Title of the Wayspot: Childrens Playground

Location: 51.779159,4.676565

City: Dordrecht

Country: Netherlands, the

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

(in this case accepted but adjustments not processed)

Photos to support your claim:

(note the schoolyard and school building behind the netted installation)

Additional information:

The invalid portal report was honored for this (and a few other) K12 portals. However, after the NIA e-mails stating there are 'adjustments' made, the portals still exists. Among this example are other reported (and honored) portals that are, like this one, on elementary school grounds and still exist a month after the 'we made adjustments' email.

Another example of a reported but unhandled case is:

Mural Art at 51.815414,4.714989 (elementary school 'De Regenboog', verify on https://deregenboog.h3o.nl/ikc/contact/ look at Maps and address on their site: 'Volkerakweg' - same road as portal location).

Is there anything going on with the processing of these reports, is there a backlog growing, or has there been a stop on reports? If there is, maybe the "we've made adjustments"-emails should be postponed as well, because now people (like me) think there's some mistake.

If there's no mistake, could you explain what the 'adjustments' on this elementary school portal are? Are they visible on Ingress, but not on other games?



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