Rejected Wayspot removal nomination appeal

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Title of the Wayspot: Giant Toy Aeroplane

Location: -32.720259,151.865189

City: Medowie, NSW

Country: Australia

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: [Attach Screenshot]

Photos to support your claim: No image available as we are in lockdown and unable tor travel to the portal for a photo. However, it is the subject of a photosphere available in Google Street View (see image)

Additional information: This portal was originally nominated by me for addition. It was located at the entrance of a new housing subdivision. When the subdivision was expanded, it was removed as the site where it was located is now the yard of a privately owned home. Accordingly, I nominated it for removal, which was rejected. A photosphere shows that it is no longer there. I submitted another removal request that appeared to disappear and I heard nothing more. I then found that the structure had been moved to a newly created park a few streets away and was now a different portal called "Giant toy aeroplane" (Link:,151.869682&z=16&pll=-32.717649,151.869051 )

In July of this year I submitted another request, which has also been rejected. Hence, this appeal.



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