Ineligible Nomination on reddit shows Wayfarer criteria still misunderstood by majority of players

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Yesterday, this nomination attempt was posted to r/PokemonGO

What do you all think the chances are of my PokéStop Nomination being approved? 😁

As of posting this here, the post has over 7000 upvotes. While I'm sure it's popularity has to do with the very witty description (I got a good chuckle out of it!) it's unfortunate that such a popular and highly visible example of a nomination is something that was often the topic of debate here, and clarified many times as ineligible in the past.

Some of the comments on the post also show how the ambiguity of the criteria leads to misunderstanding it.


I strongly disagree with that, they encourage walking and exploring your community. Pet waste stations are usually along high traffic, well lit, walking paths around communities and along hiking trails and are usually fairly spaced out.

While ya, it's a poop station, literally see no better place for a spin while walking.


Yeah I don't understand how they'd classify that as a bad PokeStop. Get you and your dog some exercise in and some PokeStop items on top of it.


counterpoint: what is exactly so bad about this being a pokestop? if anything, this could be useful to let nearby players know about it in case they are playing the game while walking their dogs.

generally speaking, i dont see the point of 1*'ing a properly photo'd and described location in wayfarer anyway. more pokestops = good.

These are genuinly good arguments as to why the dog poop station meets criteria. If I wasn't more familiar with the criteria and clarifications made about it, I'd probably be following that advice. If you dig through the rest of the thread you'll find more examples of misunderstanding the criteria, some people saying pretty much anything should be approved, and other common confusions about the wayfarer process and what does and doesn't make good wayspots.

I brought this up because I found it to be a great clustering of a lot of attitudes across the Niantic Games communities about wayfarer. And why going forward, Wayfarer is going to need more clear guidelines, better examples to show how to apply the guidelines, and some way to get the current nominators to either view or pass some kind of nomination test. (A large amount of the queue clog is from nominators who have been around a long while who were never made to look at the constantly rewritten criteria).


This post is a good example of why we need criteria to be less ambiguous and more accessible to nominators.



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