What abuse?

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Hi NianticGiffard!

I would like to report a few things about the suggestion in the link that are puzzling me.

Massive Abuse in Kamo City — Wayfarer (nianticlabs.com)

Before we go any further, I would like to point out that all the Wayspots I’m reporting are in mountain forests, arcades and other places where GPS may not work properly.

First, 加茂山公園 池之端東屋


Certainly this wayspot seems to be out of alignment with the actual position. However, as mentioned earlier, since this wayspot is in the forest, GPS is extremely easy to get lost, and it seems that the application was made at an approximate position at the time of application. This is especially common in beginner applications, and it seems that it is not a case that can be determined to be abuse.

Second, 加茂山公園 青海神社 鶯張廊下


As pointed out, the sign is within 20m of the shrine, but the location of this wayspot is different because the application is for the corridor itself.

The current location of the wayspot is a little further away from the sign, but it matches the location of the object.

The current location is fine, as this is an area that is open to the general public with an application.

Third, 加茂歴史の小径(古川茂陵)


Certainly this way pot seems to be a few meters off the actual position. However, as in the previous case, because the way spot is in the forest, GPS is extremely confusing, and it is extremely difficult to apply at the correct location when applying. It would be nice if I could get the correct coordinates, but my iphone didn't show the exact position near the wayspot and was constantly moving around.

Fourth, 加茂駅案内タイル


This is not just tile, in addition to serving as a guide to existing wayspots and tourist attractions, the snow camellia tiles are also used to promote the Kamo city, which has designated them as its flower. They are not mass-produced.

It was also pointed out that the position is 60m off, but that is incorrect as it refers to a different waypoint tile.

He has deployed this potal, so he should have confirmed that this wayspot is there. The tile he found 60 meters west is another tile that is not registered as a wayspot, and you can see in the picture that the design is different.

In other words, this wayspot is in the correct position, so there is no need to correct the position.

I'm not sure what he meant, but I feel he's making some seriously malicious reports that mislead the facts.

What abuse?

Finally, the cited article has nothing to do with this proposal, as it is about the cooperation of shopping district volunteers to offer discounts exclusively to Pokémon trainers on the day of Community Day to revitalize the area.

In addition, Niantic is promoting the use of PokemonGO to revitalize local communities, and the content of the cited article is considered to be very interesting.

All of these wayspots have been approved by the community. We must give homage to all wayfarers.

Again, the GPS may not work well in many of the places where the earlier location fix was suggested. I understand this, and that is why I am making this post.

I hope that the correct information will be passed on.


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  • We have reviewed the report and have made the necessary changes to the Wayspot in accordance with our policies. Thanks for helping us maintain the quality of the Wayspots.

  • Isn't it irrelevant that the GPS is shifted because you can check the map or satellite image when you apply?

    How is it possible that they didn't check the location during the application process?

    The claim that it is the fault of the GPS is too unnatural.

    This post is to point out that you are applying sloppily without having the opportunity to check the location twice when you apply?


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