Fake Submission- Action Requested

Hello @NianticCasey-ING @NianticAaron ..Need your action on the following submissions that I came across while reviewing via my wayfinder profile. For now, got 2 of the submissions which are fake and need to be action (currently they are in voting). The Original Coords are also shared (which are live portals for a long time now). The distance is 160 kms (the fake to the legit place). Needless to say, that the trainers who submitted them have faked it.


Fake Coord 1: 26.318194,89.445248 (in voting)

Fake Coord 2: 26.318834,89.465093 (in voting)

Original Portals:

Original Live Portal 1: 25.600838,88.12355

Original Live Portal 2: 25.626050,88.129964


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