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Codename appears on ingress photos, despite setting turned off

So recently the Wayfarer setting “Codename Display for Wayspot Submissions” was updated to reflect that your name will not appear in game on submissions nor in the showcase. However, this is NOT the case fully. While it is true that turning this setting off removed my name from pokestop photos and the showcase, I have had this setting turned off for at least a month, and my codename is still displayed on ingress portals.

These were portals/photos that I added via ingress. That is, my codename correctly does not appear on photos in Ingress or Pogo if I submitted via Pogo, but if I submitted via Ingress, my codename still appears in Ingress.

Device info: iphone se 2020, up to date ios and pokemon go & ingress apps.

Wayspot submitted via Pogo, my name does not appear in Ingress:

Same POI, in Pogo, my name doesn’t appear:


POI submitted via Ingress, my name appears in Ingress:

Same POI, in Pogo, my name correctly does not appear:

So either the text is incorrect that my codename will not appear on submissions “in Niantic games” (and should be updated to reflect that name will appear on portals) or it is a mistake that codenames still appear in Ingress with that setting off.

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