Invalid wayspot appeal : this wayspot does not exist

Title of the Wayspot: 練馬南大泉三郵便局

Location: 35.744017,139.569259

City: Tokyo

Country: Japan

Screenshot of the Rejection Email :

Photos to support your claim: None

Additional information:

This Wayspot was already retired.

Official site information :

”練馬南大泉三郵便局” was renamed ”練馬南大泉四郵便局” and moved. I already nominated ”練馬南大泉四郵便局” and my nomination was finally accepted. Please look at intel map link.

You can easily understand to see Google street view. You can see ”練馬南大泉三郵便局” in July 2019, but you cannot see in November 2020.

So this Wayspot does not exist. Please remove retired Wayspot.



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