Remove Moderator Approval for Posts with Photos

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As per the title. I understand why there might be a need for approvals for the Wayfarer forum in particular, considering that much of the Pokemon Go player base are lurking and engaging in discussions here, and with that possibility may be underage. But really, have there been instances where explicit or awful content had the necessity to be blocked?

  • Other Community Forums such as Catan, Ingress and Wizards Unite (afaik) do not have the same moderation process when posting photos.
  • The amount of time a post with a photo takes on average to be approved and appear in the discussion thread spans from 12 hours to 48 hours, so by the time your post with the photo appears, the conversation has already progressed and moved on.
  • Vetting every single post with a photo must be tiring for your moderating team and it detracts from the work you should be going. I am sure there must be a setting in the Vanilla forums to change the vetting from strict (all photos) to a more suitable filter (i.e. identifying potential posts or photos that could be nudity or bad, etc). I'm sure the Wayfarer community is sensible enough not to post a photo of something from a certain hub.
  • And if you are still concerned about people posting explicit things, give maybe new accounts who signed into the Wayfarer forums maybe a 3 day compulsory moderation approval (for just posts with photos) that you are currently doing, and maybe give some leeway or clearance to those Wayfarers in this forum who have at least 2 Stars on their profile for participating and engaging with the activity, stop having the need to moderate everything.
  • Finally, if someone actually decides to post an explicit photo that is completely against the nature of Wayfarer, just ban their Wayfarer access, revoke their nomination privileges and probably do some game sanctions on their account. They know the rules, enforce it.

Just like the robots that you have now enabled for forum and discussion indexing on this forum, evaluate whether making photo moderation less intense would be beneficial. Have you had instances where you did have to keep something unapproved? Has there been explicit photos coming through and you needed to block them?

Please consider this.



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