2 Wayspots with the same picture

There are 2 different fountains, just both are the same model, but both share the same picture. This is very confusing sometimes as they are not so far away from each other (about 500 meters) and therefore I see both of them in the game. Different Gyms, but same picture.

Please delete the 3rd picture of ”Fountain Eisenbahnerstrasse as shown here. Location: 47.389487370927064, 8.490334861324081, Zuerich, Switzerland.

The other 2 picture I made myself and one can see the different surrounding.

The original picture shows the Waypoint named “G Fountain”; this one has also street view and can be found here 47.38496770449205, 8.498741156534306 – and I made several pokestop scans in the past.

Thank you.



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