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    People who want to "increase the number" and those who think "we don't need low-quality products" have conflicting thoughts, and it's easy to end up on the same side of the argument.

    It has been announced that an appeals feature for rejected candidates will be released soon, which is likely to be advantageous for the "we want to increase the number" camp.

    To make it fair, I've thought of a special feature for the "no low quality" group as well.

    Special deletion or editing function using "local images", "description", and "supplementary information", just like when making nominations.

    In the case of deletion, I think it would be better to have the community not only vote on the deletion, but also to have Nia manually review it before making a final decision, so that we can curb the abuse of unnecessary deletions due to personal grudges.

    How about making it a point system, where each action (priority, appeal, special deletion, special edit) would cost upgrade points?

    The points spent could be different for each action. (e.g. priority 50, appeals 30, special deletions 50, special editors 20)

    Are you planning to release such a feature?

  • flatmatt-PGOflatmatt-PGO Posts: 2,081 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I actually would like some discussion of this issue. Fortunately, it seems like @tehstone-ING 's question is getting a lot of votes.

  • tehstone-INGtehstone-ING Posts: 1,128 Ambassador

    I'm not one who added a disagree but I considered it. The tone, and the assumption that these nominations should be eligible didn't sit well with me. As @flatmatt-PGO pointed out, I asked a similar question and it's getting a lot of votes so hopefully one way or another we get a more conclusive answer. It's frustrating that this has been an open question for 2 years now despite the initial messaging from Niantic being so clear.

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    Understood. I'm not going to edit the post or anything because then it'll seem out of place. I guess I was attempting to echo the frustration of my previous thread when I kept getting disagrees on saying that military bases in the US are safe and just gated communities. And without feedback from the people "reading between the lines" it was a bunch of people who have never been on or lived on a US military base.

    So hopefully you or someones question about military bases get addressed I just find it so frustrating that the current ruling basically singles out and bans any players of Niantic games who happen to be in/have parents in the military.

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    In the examination, the case where only the root of the signpost remained was rejected three times due to the natural terrain. Japan has many trails built in the 1800s and is historically valuable. Improve the screening system, which is judged only by photographs. If you are denied, I would like you to be able to appeal.

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    Many “upgraded” contributions that meet the criteria, are rejected by wayfinders, which leads me to ask ¿should wayfarer/niantic decide at last whether or not a contribution is eligible? I think so.

  • YES! I just suggested a couple of location edits recently and was surprised that there was no opportunity to submit a supporting photo. They would have clearly shown that one was placed way closer to the street than it really is (guessing for drive by play) and one is placed on the wrong side of cross street. However, I think the first will be obscured by tree cover on map and be one of those "how do I know if it's this tree clump or that tree clump" location edit reviews.

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    Probably too late for a question (honestly I find this voting on best question not working too well as it's usually rhe earlier questions that will get the most votes) but my question is

    We all know there are less and less reviewers, have niantic considered easing the amount of reviews required to pass/fail a submission to ease the waiting times? Or to start putting time limits on ones that have been in voting after a significant amount of time?

  • AScarletSabre-PGOAScarletSabre-PGO Posts: 754 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Who determines what a "low quality Wayspot" is? A lot of the time, we'd require people with local knowledge (not necessarily of the area, but the country as a whole). Niantic has shown time and again that their guidelines for Wayspots are very "USA centric", and fail to take into consideration other customs and cultures around the world. Such a system, as you propose, is going to disinfranchise a lot of players if implemented poorly, and frankly I do not trust Niantic with such a system.

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