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  • MagicalThorn-INGMagicalThorn-ING Posts: 532 ✭✭✭

    You have great suggestions!

    I, too, would personally like to carry out a review of Uganda, however have been unable to make the change to Uganda due to the constraints of the current inflexible bonus location change period.

  • PhoenixOmicron-PGOPhoenixOmicron-PGO Posts: 57 ✭✭✭

    I have noticed a trend among reviewers to accept popular restaurants in our area that serve only American or Mexican food. I cannot get one of a kind a restaurants not part of a chain that serve Asian food accepted. Maybe you can resolve this, does the type of food matter?

  • Disconnected404-INGDisconnected404-ING Posts: 10 ✭✭✭

    Can we please stop with acceptance of trail markers in wayfarer? Nodes or junctions are ok but the markers are just rubbish and they are not special in any way and are placed like every 100 meters. Also.. They mess up a lot of people's rating on wayfarer because the majority of people learnt on wayfarer training that they aren't valid portals and also they don't see them as valid portals from a personal view.


    Proposals to eliminate contradictions regarding mass production

    Mass production of Rejection Criteria should be limited to “A great place for exploration” of Eligibility Criteria.

    For example, it is ridiculous that soccer goals and trail markers for “A great place for exercise” and playsets for “A great place to be social with others” are rejected as mass-produced products.

    Rewriting the help will eliminate the contradiction.

  • WheelTrekker-INGWheelTrekker-ING Posts: 3,366 ✭✭✭✭✭

    What a surprise that certain user clicked Disagree on my post.

    I'm shocked, that's totally unexpected!!! The master of abuse reports doesn't like when other people talk about him and his bad behaviors (which have broken the Community Guidelines)

    I guess that I can expect soon a stream of posts about things that he doesn't like in my town.


    Do you have any intention of providing rankings?

    For example, I would like to provide at least one event, such as the person who has been approved for the most wayspots or the person who has reviewed the most.

  • Thor3381-INGThor3381-ING Posts: 219 ✭✭✭

    Recon counts more than accept + reject + duplicate.

    I've been tracking my progress since more than a month, and the increase of accept, reject, duplicate is about 80 percent of my increase on the recon medal


    Banimento no Wayfarer, tendo em vista da medalha no Pokemon GO, revisitar o Banimento no Wayfarer para ter a possibilidade de refazer a prova e se habilitar para obter a medalha.

  • cyndiepooh-INGcyndiepooh-ING Posts: 1,239 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Um that would mean i have to logout which i never do - wayfarer is always open on my computer and i sit down and review 5 or 10 every time i have a few minutes

  • LeanderBauz-PGOLeanderBauz-PGO Posts: 49 ✭✭

    Why are you banned on Wayfarer for 60 days when you want to edit the location in the game and write in the description where the location should go. The reviewers often do not know which location to choose.

  • MargariteDVille-INGMargariteDVille-ING Posts: 2,754 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Thor3381-ING Recon badge total is accept + reject + duplicate + extra from Recon double credit events.

    Niantic has promised several times that they would give Recon credit for edits, but haven't yet.

    My Recon badge is at 19920. I stopped reviewing because I want double-onyx from what I already reviewed. My back-credit for edits will put me way over. I look forward to resuming reviewing.

  • MagicalThorn-INGMagicalThorn-ING Posts: 532 ✭✭✭

    Hi,@NianticTintino .

    Thank you for sharing with us the opportunity to leave this comment. I am very happy to be here.

    I'm so excited, I have so much to tell you, but I haven't yet managed to put it all together in a coherent way or narrow down my questions.

    (That's probably why I'm posting sporadic questions to you...)

    I have seen many scanners in my hand and in many countries on Intel Map that mere trees such as hawthorn, elm and cedar have already been turned into Wayspots. It's really a pity.

    Will there be a clean-up of these plants?

    I still see numerous private gardens and street trees being applied for on a daily basis by Wayfarer!

    Because of the bad examples that are already online.

    I'm also wondering if that "clean-up" will happen.

    and I would like to see the option to reject Wayspot candidates changed from "Live animals" to "Live animals and Plants".

    Or does the rejection option "Live animals" already include "All plants, including trees and grasses"?

    Would it be a pipe dream to have the ability to selectively display, in layers, those cases that have been rejected in the past on the map at the time of review?

    (I think it is technically possible.

    This would make us aware of attempts to arbitrarily create Wayspots in places that would not otherwise qualify as POIs.

    That is, assuming that there are no judges who, with malicious intent, are willing to create Wayspots in those rejected locations.

    I may send you another message if I come up with something else before the submission deadline.

    Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

  • MargariteDVille-INGMargariteDVille-ING Posts: 2,754 ✭✭✭✭✭


    How many agreements does the average reviewer get within a year of passing the reviewers test? Could dedicated reviewers change their bonus location after that (yearly average) number? For example, if the average new reviewer gets 2000 agreements in a year, couldn't dedicated reviewers change their bonus after 2000 agreements - even if they got them in three months? This would encourage and reward reviewing by those who care.

    Please don't make us use upgrades to buy appeals for nomination rejections! Only people in areas with quick turnarounds would want such a thing.

    However, it would make sense to allow one appeal for every ten accepted (ever). Show that you know how to nominate good things. Appeals could be banked and restricted to one at a time (like upgrades), so they don't clog up the system.

  • Sunlitgarden-INGSunlitgarden-ING Posts: 204 ✭✭✭
    edited September 2021

    This is why I mentioned the possibility of community votes for my similar question. Example: a generic bench/plaque that was "grandfathered in" and a sculpture near each other where only 1 would normally appear using proximity rules. If enough people upvoted the sculpture, that would become the wayspot featured in game instead of the plaque. I'm not sure how this would work to incentivize people actually favoring the best wayspot and not just wanting to maintain status quo for the game ("I'm already gold at this gym", etc) but I'm still curious to know if such a system would be considered.

  • You want me to add/submit poi's while:

    - it takes them forever to be excepted without an upgrade.

    - 2 out of 3 get rejected for pitchblack pictures

    - you tell me all trailmarkers are good poi. (Not in my country, they are everywhere)

    the case: 

    We have a trail with trailmarkers in this region. Every trailmarker has a cube with the worldnews, local news items of that year.


    -9 pokomon go and ingress agents (enl. and Res.)

    working on getting them accepted as portals.

    -186 now online

    -147 still in review

    -many to go 

    one third gets turned down: reason pitch black foto etc. 

    1 agent now has 4x recon black

    1 agent now has 2x recon black (and both still counting)

    2 !! years ago we started this feat because we think this trail is worth adding with the educational and the exploring combined.

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