Why does it take hours or sometimes days for a post or comment with embedded images to get approved?

Multiple times over the past few months, Niantic has committed to hiring additional staff to pay better attention to this very forum, but yet as time has gone by and since Casey disappeared, it takes hours, or sometimes even days to get a post approved with an embedded image?

This policy of sending every post or comment with an embedded image to the moderation queue is extremely stupid, because images that are attached (using the paperclip button) instead of directly embedded into the post will get approved instantly without having to get filtered for moderator approval.

When sharing images to the forum, we have the option to embed them and have to possibly wait a day for the post or comment to show up, or we have to attach the image which provides a worse presentation for readers.

Images are a critical part of the wayfarer forum, as screenshots are needed in every category of the appeals section and are generally one of the best ways to provide examples to other users who are seeking advice or asking questions.

It is extremely frustrating to wait hours or days for a simple post or comment to be approved, especially when Niantic employees are active on the forum and seem to ignore this. Niantic, please either get better about checking posts in the moderation queue or remove the restriction on embedded images, which does not exist on other Niantic forums. If unpaid teenage reddit moderators can stay on the top of a moderation queue in a timely fashion, theres really no excuse for why it can't happen here.


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