More than 7 nominations per 14 days

I love submitting Waypoints (34 accepted as of now) and am also a frequent reviewer.

I´d like to see a way to submit more that just the 7 Waypoints per 2 weeks for all players or at least the most dedicated Wayfarers.

Alternatively i woud wish for a way to safe nominations on my personal device to submit later, similar to the Waypoint scans (eiter because my nominations are used up or because connectivity issues at the location of the Waypoint).

Even though i try to submit as much as possible i either have nothing to submit in my hometown and therefore go without submitting anything for months or i have more potential submissins that the 7 i´m allowed to submit (when on vacation for example)

I recently went on a ~150km hike with lots of very good potential waypoints in areas with absolutly no current waypoints but could only submit 7 of them (5 are already aproved Waypoints).


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