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    That's nice lore, but irrelevant with regards to Wayfarer. There have been several times that I've seen Niantic staff retire a wayspot such as a church when they were only asked to change the name. That's a big part of why I asked the question. (And to be clear, I know what some of the answers are, but I included all of the examples in hopes of getti g the kind of detailed clarification that would widely apply.)


    Things like "Square" are missing in the "what is it?" field while reviewing. How is it going to influence the rating and why sometimes it's obligatory to compile.

  • Can we get some clarification on would would be eligible/ineligible natural features?

    In the last AMA it was stated some natural features may be eligible. Some examples were given, but what if there is no specified location or 'anchor'? What about things like man-made lakes? If these kinds of places are still ineligible, by what rejection criteria should they be rejected? (referring to the rejection criteria and not the rejection reasons currently on the reviewer form)

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    How will we know if a social place (food court, for example) is a good point of interest?

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    Could Wayfarer be enhanced to read the map for some simple decisions?

    • Could Wayfarer reviewer Settings prevent a Bonus location too close to the reviewer's Home location? This could prevent many cases of the "Nothing left to review" message (often interpreted as a "cooldown"), and get more reviews done.
    • Could it error, in the nomination process, if an invalid location is selected (emergency services, hospitals, military bases, etc)? Preventing the nomination would: improve the database, prevent the Explorer wasting a nomination slot, avert many arguments between Explorers, AND reduce the backlogging of valid nominations.
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    I have a big problem getting things approved at apartment complexes - especially if it is a gazebo or something similar at an apartment complex. I have good luck getting sports fields or sports equipment approved, but I have had a pergola in voting at an apartment complex for over a year now and have had shade structures with seating in apartment complexes denied.

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    As I've told you before, if every player in our world has an iPhone or Galaxy S series and has access to LTE or other high-speed communication, you have a good idea.

    I'm sure in 10 years I'll say yes.

    But the reality is different.

    Not everyone can afford such high-performance and high-priced smartphones.

    Also, there are many parts of the world that do not even have an LTE connection.

    It is important to understand that our games will be played in such environments.

    Your way of thinking is the kind of small-world thinking that is common among urban dwellers in developed countries who are blessed with a good environment to play games.

    If we were to incorporate your idea, it would be more appropriate to assign tasks in the game such as AR scanning, photography, and capturing for Wayspots that have been removed or modified but whose location is unclear or unknown.

    This would also be an effective way to discourage players from cheating. (This is not the purpose of this article, so I won't go into it in depth.

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    @MargariteDVille-ING  I know there were double-count moments.

    I've been writing down on a (al most daily) basis my wayfarer & recon stats.

    Since the 11th of August of this year (after a 4 week break) my total of Accept, Reject and Duplicate went up with 1.197 whereas my Recon badge increased with 1.457

    Since there hasn't been a double-credit in the last 6 weeks I presume that this gap of 250 is Recon-credit I get for edits and photo reviews. I should check more in detail but I think these also count towards the upgrade you can earn

    They announced that the edit would count, but they didn't apply it retroactively (which they didn't do either for the earned upgrades)

  • Good, that is a reiterative process this query, but it is understood that hacé time when sending wayspost it was only a part of ingress, the community is so desperate I sent a lot of content not appropriate for a nomination is valid, and its aim was only to increase their statistics to reach a level in one of the medals, niantic resolved to punish the community to try to get people to nominate, do it the right way, and subsequently creating is system assessment self is nourished by the community that has had good results in the beginning, that is, until a new evaluation community, that what ah echo is to cut back the quality of the wayspost and generating it impossible to remove the complaints system that presents niantic, this generating false locations of wayspost, accepting things that are stated explicitly that they should not be considered a wayspost and the desire to emulate the great cities completing wayspost throughout the area, without considering the essence of because they are the wayspost in the games of niantic, my concern is because it is not re-put in-line the medal seer in ingress for new generations to get it since it does not affect in any way the new way of how it works wayfarer in the present and in the new quality of wayspost

  • Another query is working or is to work on improving the system of complaints of wayspost invalid, since the current is not working properly, because the wayspost in educational institutions are not removed, or wayspost not existing are not removed properly, and ends up being a lottery if they are or not

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    You point in 3. is very misleading. 95% of the Routes/trails will never hit a major road. NCN always uses the safest routes for all people. Check the link for the design principles.

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    I donate blood regularly, and I would like to know if the permanent blood donation center is eligible regarding POI.

    Thx !

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    Since the Wayfarer database is community driven, can changes in criteria also be community driven?

    Check with top-reviewers and top-submitters what their opinion is

  • Or, should that artistic/cultural/historic criteria be added back in? It seems like that's really the category for a lot of public art, architecture, and other features that people enjoy and actually want to discover.

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    Yellow = off road.

    Blue = on roads.

    So my point that a large portion of the network is on roads, and not dedicated cycle trail is correct. I know a few even on dual carriage ways. I and many many people want clarification, as at the moment we cannot believe that Niantic has lowered the bar THIS low.

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    If a wayspot is accepted, but doesn't go into Ingress because it's too close to an existing wayspot... Does it exist on Lightship?

    IOW: If a wayspot shows as Accepted on our Nominations page, but an Ingress email said it was "too close to another wayspot to come live at this time"... what if the situation changes, say a year later?

    If the first-existing wayspot is removed, or relocated, will the accepted-but-too-close wayspot appear?

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    Insightful, Disagree, Like, etc. will not count as a vote.

    How will the voting process work? Is it something baked into Vanilla Forums or will there be a separate form to vote for things on?

    Will similar/same questions be grouped together so duplicate questions don't take up multiple spots?

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    @NianticTintino For all previous AMAs, the questions chosen have been based on the number of likes received on the forum. Is that not how voting will work this time around? It seems pretty clear that the entire community thought that that was the intention here again, and if that isn't the case, that is a very poor error in communication, and probably not the way to get the questions going in this particular AMA. Especially given how many people have already expressed their intended votes with likes.

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    @NianticTintino Adding on to what I said above, assuming the old way of conducting voting for AMAs is not being used, the idea of you taking the questions, reading through them, condensing/organizing them, and setting them up for voting is a MASSIVE amount of time wasted, that could just be spent answering additional questions. If you are going to take the time to do that, you aren't really just explicitly answering the top 15, you are arbitrarily yet intentionally ignoring the rest. An AMA isn't supposed to be some hyper structured thing in the first place. The fact that there is an arbitrary number of questions that get answered is not how an AMA should even work. Its supposed to be an "ask me anything", not a "ask me a limited arbitrary number of things because we can't manage to answer all of your questions because you have so many as a result of us not interacting with you in the past year".

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