Wayspot that doesn't exist. And more. (Bremen-Walle +α)

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Hi, @NianticGiffard , @NianticTintino.

The next Wayspot was a graffiti that existed in 2008.

However, it has now been painted in all dark brown.

Therefore, please review the Wayspot.



Title of the Wayspot:Arche Noah


Official Google Street View 2008 URL

December 2020

When you check this Google Street View, you don't want this 360 image to If it had been lost ,by some accident.

So I've captured this in WebM format.

The aforementioned Google Street View was first published in the following thread.

The two Wayspots "Johannische Kirche" and "Arche Noah" are located next to each other.

Title of the Wayspot: Johannische Kirche

Location atm: 53.105202, 8.789015

Link: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=53.105202,8.789015

Real location: 53.105083, 8.789313

City: Bremen

Country: Germany

And,When I was doing a review of the Wayfarer!,

I have also found a few other strange things that I would like to share with you.



This Wayspot exists in the WALLER RING junior high school (OBERCHULE AM WALLER RING).

Title of the Wayspot:Bremer Schlüssel


The German title "Bremer Schlüssel" means "Key of Bremen" in English.

As you can see on the Google Map, this is the location of


WALLER RING junior high school.


Official Website



This Wayspot exists in the WALLER RING junior high school (OBERCHULE AM WALLER RING).

Title of the Wayspot:Saat und Löwenreiter




This Wayspot exists in the WALLER RING junior high school (OBERCHULE AM WALLER RING).

Title of the Wayspot:Bremer Schlüssel Relief am Waller Ring


And there are even missions that take advantage of this.

In the Wayspot photo, the word "GYMNASIUM" is prominently displayed.

Gymnasium is a European secondary school.

Wikipedia Gymnasium (Germany)



Title of the Wayspot:St. Nikolaus Gemeinde


As you can see on the Google Map, this is the ST. NIKOLAUS kindergarten.


Official Website


Katholische Kitas in Bremen

 - warum Erzieherinnen hier gerne arbeiten

For more information about KiTa, please read the following German Wikipeida. (If you convert it to English, you will easily understand what it means.

Wikipedia Kindertagesstätte



Title of the Wayspot:Zork am See


The graffiti "Zork" on this building is the Wayspot, but if you look at the overhead view on Google Maps, the graffiti does not exist.

As you can easily see by zooming in on the Wayspot adoption photo, this is just a public toilet to begin with.

You can see the blue pictogram on the door for men and the red one for women.



Title of the Wayspot:Spielplatz Heidbergstift


It's titled "Heidbergstift playground".

However, as you can see on the Google Map, this place is behind the building marked "Kindertagesstätte Lesum" (Lesum Nursery), in other words, the playground of the nursery.

Kinder- und Familienzentrum Lesum

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    (5) is obviously a church. The kindergarten (short: KiTa), that is owned by the church, is only behind the church ..... the wayspot is totally fine.

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    I almost forgot: @MagicalThorn-ING can you provide the rejection-mail for your reports? As a local player and not someone 9000 km further away, you should be able to. : )

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    To (6):

    Maps satellite images might not be totally up to date. Especially in Germany, Streetview wasn't updated since 2008.

    I would not bank on that. Especially since the graffiti looks like it got created a few months ago.

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    He actually even mentioned you in this one (as the author of one of the 360). Clearly a direct attack, indeed.

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    This post breaks the community guidelines by doxing a member of the community https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/5/community-guidelines

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