People Refusing valid nominations and approving it in wrong places.

FelipeNader-PGOFelipeNader-PGO Posts: 10 ✭✭
edited September 2021 in Brazil Wayfarer Challenge

It`s pointless to send valid nominations. I`m struggling to get my nominations approved, I just find out that a city next to mine is stealing our interest points. They rejected my submissions, and i just find out why, I saw a pokestop there using my submission pictures. So... I spended my time trying to promote my submissions for nothing. There’s no way to appeal rejections or even reach someone to talk about it. It`s hard to keep going, since we are simply doing Niantic job for them, and we don’t even receive anything for it. How many people out there could be facing the same problem as me, and there’s no way to solve it. I know not every submission is valid, and not all submission will make through at the end, but still. People are rejecting valid nominations and is very sad, since this was a big opportunity for small cities in Brazil to rise pokestops numbers and improve the game experience.


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