** All Wayfinders ** Don't use Upload Later UFN

I've posted in the report bug section about this and yes, it has been put under investigation. In the mean time, me and a dozen others have now got bjorked nominations. The main photo is the supporting photo and vice versa. I was gutted when I batch uploaded 5 of my latest nominations to then realise this. Since then I have requested for then to atleast be frozen 'in queue' until the problem is fixed OR ofc have the photos swapped back to their correct places. Me and several others have been trying to get attention of any admins regarding this fix or freeze, with no luck. So I've come to this thread for better luck.

You would think the core of all this , with finding POI etc would be top of the agenda. Who knows how many people have lost out on perfectly good nominations over this. :(

I'd like to see some due diligence and admins come to our rescue, not to have people lose out on this cycle.




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