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Hi everyone,

Just catching up on a few things here and wanted to share an update before the work week begins.

  • [FIXED] Upload later bug swapping your main and supporting photos

We pushed the fix on Friday afternoon. Please reset the Pokémon GO app at your earliest convenience. Note that both your main and supporting images already submitted were not lost. If your nomination was already decided on based on the swapped images, and you feel that decision was unfairly influenced by the swapped images, please contact @NianticTintino and @NianticGiffard with the nomination details so that we can review and fix.

For those who are reviewing noms with obviously swapped images, please judge them fairly and comprehensively, do not reject them based on the swap. We keep all the supporting images of the accepted nominations, as they have sometimes been much better than the main (even prior to this bug). We are able to swap them retroactively as necessary. Really sorry about this issue. I am going to hold a retrospective with the team to understand how we missed this during our testing.

  • [FIXED] The blank rejection reason "." and nominations disappearing from your management page

This was indeed a bug. As most of you know, we have a team of staff that also review nominations alongside you. They get assigned quasi-randomly to Niantic staff. When that happens, the nom disappears from your management page. If it is rejected by staff, you would have received an email with a blank rejection reason.

I dug into this with the team and the temporary fix will be to include a string that completes the sentence, and to keep this nomination displayed in your nom page. This might take a couple weeks to wrap up. The email will only say that it was a Niantic review decision. We won't rework this email further because we are actually in the midst of deprecating it -- All emails will soon be sent from a Wayfarer email and not game-specific emails. Emails notifying you of a decision will point you to your Nominations page to review the decision details, which we are working on updating hopefully by the end of the year.

  • [FIXED] Pokémon GO and Ingress Wayspot sync issues

We acknowledge the reports of edits not sticking or accepted Wayspots not appearing in one or both games. We have notified both game teams and their community managers. This seems to be entirely a game server issue, and the Wayfarer team is on standby to support. We hope to continue looking into this early this week.

  • [FIXED] Nominations summary page map in Pokémon GO has missing map marker

We noticed that in the latest build of the game that the map marker denoting your nomination location is missing in the nominations summary page. We hope to patch this on Tuesday September 28.

That's it for now! Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

We'll aim to update you all again in a few days!

@NianticTintino @NianticGiffard @NianticAaron

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