Invalid Wayspot Appeal [Replicating POIs on purpose]

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This complaint is the continuation of what started with the complaints in the post:

The city of Paulista in the State of Pernambuco is being affected by abusive attitudes, both from reviewers and submitters.

Title of the Wayspot / Location:


Morena Tropicana,-34.8238&z=17&pll=-7.935595,-34.822166

musa da praia,-34.827717&z=17&pll=-7.950322,-34.826485

Fake do Janga - Sede Recife Antigo,-34.873173&z=18&pll=-8.064747,-34.872004


O Caranguejo roubado de são João da barr...,-34.828149&z=17&pll=-7.946413,-34.824802

O Caranguejo,-34.828437&z=17&pll=-7.951116,-34.827282


Cabelos Coloridos,-34.8238&z=17&pll=-7.935304,-34.824162

Cabelos Floridos!,-34.826686&z=17&pll=-7.940079,-34.82963

City: Paulista ; Recife

Country: Brazil

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Just one e-mail is enough, for report abuse?

Photos to support your claim: POIs photos itself and googlemaps

Additional information:

All these POIs were created using the same images.


Here is the report of false POIs, and yet replicated, one of them being in another city, in the city of Recife, POI: "Fake do Janga - Sede Recife Antigo" which means "Fake(POI) from Janga - Recife Antigo Headquarter", curiously one of them (Morena Tropicana) had a name "50 Fakes com essa IMAGEM" wich means "50 Fake (POIs) with this IMAGE" when I did an Edit Appeal before.

POIs Location


This case is most notorious as the intention to ridicule the wayfarer, because the name of the POI was "O Caranguejo roubado de são João da barr..." which means "The stolen crab from São João da Barra".

This huge crab is not present in any of those places in the Janga neighborhood (from Paulista), and researching properly I identified that Sao João da Barra is the name of another city that is located in the State of Rio de Janeiro and there is the crab that is located in the Gastronomic Pole and the photos are present in the googlemaps image gallery:

POIs Location


Both are not present in their respective coordinates and are also in a residential area (single families)

POIs Location



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