Mueller Park Trail 3 Mile Wrong Location

Title of the Wayspot: Mueller Park Trail 3 Mile

Location: (40.850400, -111.820319)

City: Bountiful

Country: United States

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: Hi. This portal is off about 30-40 feet. The sign is right up the trail from where the portal currently sits. There are quite a few agents who keep suggesting this portal should be removed because they can't find the sign. If we could move the portal to where I suggested several months ago, it would clear up the confusion.

I've scanned the portal so it should be clear that the sign is not where the portal is. And I've submitted photos of where the sign is just up the trail. Help me know what else I need to do to get this portal moved and I will happily do it.



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