Day 222

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Day 222,

This is a follow up to Day1.

222 days later and we have not gotten anywhere yet, promises but no deliveries. Systematic abuse is just as strong as ever. Abusive clusters done by edits are not dealt with because the wayspots really exist in reality.

St. Cloud abuse is still as it was a year ago. Day in and day out there is examples of abuse in these forums (because there is no other way to report them anonymously), and sure most of the time abuse gets corrected, but all the abusers get is a slap on the wrist, if that. Meanwhile abusers laugh off to their buddies that the abuse was worth it, their "gym got triggered" or "they just moved everything back and now we have a cluster". And all they get is a 30 ban from wayfarer (while still being able to nominate waypoints) or a warning. Direct evidence of multi accounting is ignored. 

Now we get an announcement from @NianticTintino , saying invalid waypoint reporting in app will be nerfed... This just sounds backwards.

Coal is as bad as always, and now instead of dealing with 7 terrible nominations, we can potentially see 40 all at once, all because there is no accountability for terrible nominating, there is still no test for submitters, and even when they are punished, their nominations are not taken away.

@NianticCasey-ING (I know they're gone but they made the promises)@NianticTintino @NianticDanbocat @NIACHAOSMONKEY-ING @NianticKN-ING @NianticGiffard @NianticAaron @NianticAtlas @AnsonNIA-PGO , 222 days ago we were promised changes, changes that to this day have yet to be implemented. The queue is longer than ever, and aside from one week ago, nothing has been done to address it, yet reviewers will be getting more nominations in a couple of weeks without addressing the backlog or terrible nominations.

#NianticHearUs seems to be trending these days... Im sure others have their own frustrations to add to this.


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    Yes I agree. One clearly ineligible wayspot and you should blanket reject all their nominations. Or real suspension of their game. Genius.

  • Willowitaly-PGOWillowitaly-PGO Posts: 83 ✭✭✭

    People absolutely need more than just a slap on the wrist for purposefully misplacing literal hundreds of wayspots just to get them to show up in Pokemon Go. Extremely irresponsible to give Pokemon Go players, who are notorious for abusing locations due to stricter location guidelines, more nominations without addressing this.

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    I am sure that the reporting system, which will be released by the beginning of next month, will help you. There is a possibility that the release will be postponed again... No, let's not think about it.

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    it is still like it ever was.

    Niantic isnt listening. They are doing THEIR thing because, well because they are the bozz!

    Theres someone up high at Niantic that wants to have total control about everything.

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    They are doing their thing because no matter what, people keeps on reviewing.

  • rodensteiner-INGrodensteiner-ING Posts: 1,416 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    The St Cloud abuse report number 7 was handled very poorly. Not enough thought was put into the actual substance of the abuse, it is not rocket science to actually see the abuse happening in the first place.

    I'm just kind of waiting for the AMAs to come out now. And then maybe I'll take a break.

  • AisforAndis-INGAisforAndis-ING Posts: 875 ✭✭✭✭✭

    "Very poorly" is an understatement.

    I too am eager to see how they will respond to my AMA question about abuse given that it was the 4th most voted question. Perhaps for once we might see some real changes, but the latest action in regards to St. Cloud makes me highly skeptical as to whether they will truly take action.

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