Why are pools not eligible?

In the past AMA it is said that only pools with historical context (that an Olympic athlete has swum) or university pools are eligible. And the municipal swimming pools? It is a place to play sports, socialize ... I do not know how municipal swimming pools cannot be eligible, while soccer fields, basketball ... Yes they are eligible. Thank you


  • Stephyypooke-INGStephyypooke-ING Posts: 506 ✭✭✭✭✭

    From the November 2020 AMA:

    Similar to before the criteria refresh, swimming pools at private residences or hotels (or other similar residentially-focused locations) are ineligible. Other than that, pools would be a great place to meet and that encourages exercise and should be considered eligible. This includes public pools, pools or training complexes with historical context, reflecting pools, fountains, aquatic centers and cooldown centers, university pools, sport arenas/complexes and more.

    Based on this answer, municipal swimming pools ARE eligible.

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    Municipal pools take responsibility for any litigation. They hire lifeguards, and people to make sure the pool doesn't get uncrowded or unsafe.

    Neighborhood, apartment, and hotel pools do not hire lifeguards, or anyone to patrol for safety. If anything went wrong, Niantic could be sued for bringing people to a private pool.

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    I read that same AMA quote differently - still listed at Help > Niantic Wayfarer: November 2020 AMA

    I think the issue is "similar residentially-focused" after listing private homes (already ineligible) and temporary stay places. To me, "public pools" WOULD include neighborhood pools. To be safe, I never submit them, but I get a lot of reviews for them and a lot of them are going live around me. If Niantic does not want pools as Wayspots, they need to add that as a very clear rejection reason. And clearly state that neighborhood pools are not eligible.

    It would greatly help if Niantic would include WHY things are ineligible with the statements.

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    I would agree with this. Like any other sporting area, a neighborhood pool fits multiple criteria, and they are certainly public pools, by any basic understanding. I wouldn't have a problem with them. Residentially-focused pools are those in private residential areas.

    In the absence of any other definition, you could definitely interpret them this way and review accordingly.

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