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    @Roli112-PGO In the picture I can clearly read: "Future home of the Museum of Sport" - so it's not yet a museum ;-)

    as for the mural: will it remain there or will the building get a complete overhaul inside and outside ?

    In normal circumstanced I'd give it a go, but since they are going to work on this building it makes me hesitate. I can't tell if this mural is something that was already on the building, or if it's newly added because it's going to be a museum of sports (info that could be mentioned in the supportive info, which we don't have here)

    If it's not urgent, wait for the museum to open or at least the banner to be removed

    off-topic for the Historic / cultural significance, but just my view on the nomination

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    This. I had a deja vu and soon realised this was very similar to Casey's first AMA. Lots of pr-talk, little actual and/or concrete answers.

    To their credit Casey did provide an improved version after feedback.

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    Lolz why this comment?

    1) Many legit portals rejected. You must know this.

    Just had this one comeback today

    It's apparently not cultural or historical enough

    2). Neurodiversity has powered Niantic's database for years ...

    3) Some folks need accommodations to participate in wayfarer. It's not a problem for most people to understand diversity advocacy.

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    Will there be a way to appeal a nomination that was turned down but meets the acceptance criteria and has not been approved?

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    You will have an additional option to improve the search for a Wayspot under review (Like adding a 15 second video showing the location and pointing out the references to detect the Wayspot or doing an AR scan and Wayfinders can view the scan and accept the scanning together with Wayspot)?

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    My rejection I posted about was just like that - the SINGLE reason given in the rejections email. For a CROSS. On a CHURCH.

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    Well that REALLY makes sense as to why some of my upgrades get rejected so quickly that a **** wouldn't clear a room. Like within the hour rejected.

    I'm in ultra rural Japan and having people from big cities reviewing certain types of rural wayspots... instant rejection. They can't even tell a dam from a waterfall and everything has to be new and shiny to be interesting. It's crazy since if I were reviewing Tokyo nominations I could reject so many for "safe" pedestrian access the way mine on rural roads have been. Tokyo (any Japanese city) has pretty well no sidewalks outside of along major roads and yet Pokestop heaven. (Rant over)

    But... Catch-22... if I don't upgrade I wait forever for nominations to be voted on. My first ever nomination is STILL In voting after 11 months. I'm waiting to see how long it takes.

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    I understand your reasoning to wait till the museum opens up (I dont know all the details about the nomination: location etc.), but dont you think that the mural itself stands to be reviewed for what it is now and not what it will be in the future? Yes it is saying that that it will be a "Future home...." but the mural itself is artistic and has cultural value. Why would you hesitate to accept it for what it is now, if it abides to the eligibility criteria?

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    Sorry for being offtopic with it. Hence I only directed it to the person in concern. Either ways the AMA surely contradicts the rejection reasons given to us!

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    Just to add to this point, this point is even more troublesome and reflective in Europe. If upgraded wayspots have increased range for reviewing, then it is very likely that it goes to a reviewer in a different country, speaking a different language and having a different understanding of what is locally important, what are the rules of safe pedestrian access etc. This always increases the chances of an upgraded wayspot to be reviewed differently (and therefore leading to a high chance of rejection) due to such a discrepancy.

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    Your comments would only make sense (still don't agree with them though) if there was an actual rejection reason meaning people voted 1*. There isn't meaning people voted to accept it but for some reason voted low in the cultural category. Causing it's rejection. Opposite of what @NianticTintino claims.

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    People started complaining about getting "weird" rejection reasons around the time that Niantic switched to trying to always send three different rejection reasons in email. We know that there are other bugs with the way rejection email is sent so one more wouldn't be that surprising.

    In my recollection, from day 1 of replies having included rejection reasons, the emails have contained up to three reasons. Just glancing through my old rejection emails, I see one from 10/1/19 with two reasons and another from 10/9/19 with three. And I have recently in the past week or two received at least two rejection emails with a single reasons (DMC).

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    This is very plausible. If a certain submission doesn't get any 1* votes, say, but enough 2* votes to tank it, they need to put something in the rejection email since reviewers haven't provided any of the standard options. So it looks for any sort of 1* rating and puts that into the email.

    Question: Do we have any examples of rejection emails that include reasons of cultural/historic significance or visual uniqueness AND at least one standard reason? I can't think of any, and if this doesn't in fact happen, it is strong evidence for the above hypothesis.

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    Yes, that's the more common scenario in fact.

    What's hilarious is that this conversation started with @Hosette-ING proposing that maybe it's a thing that happens when the system only has 2 reject reasons and needs a third. So a screenshot was shared of an example of this as a single reject reason and then you ask this.

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    ok but we have an example in this thread and more not shared here where one of these individual rating based rejections is the only reason in the email. there's no explaining that away.

    Have you seen rejection emails, that include both historical/cultural and/or visual uniqueness AND standard rejection reasons (I haven't personally)? If not, I gave what I thought is a plausible possible explanation in the post above yours.

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    Thanks for the selecting and the melding together of questions and providing responses.

    The whole AMA system is cumbersome, but there is a limit to what you can answer.

    I was wondering if in going through the long sequence you had noted other issues that have made you stop and think including some that were quite specific in nature that you might follow up on I some way? You don’t have to say what they are but I am curious if you got more from the who,e process than the providing these answers.

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    Regarding the answer to Q 8

    I thought this sheds light on the evaluation algorithm a little.

    My understanding from this is that the first question might have a significant weighting overall.

    But also this is the question that might determine if you are going to get an agreement or not. So if you 1* reject then if the result is reject noun get the tick. But if you 2* accept and score low it might be that this is an accept from you and if it gets rejected no tick.

    The same with the culture/history question you might think other things are ok (not brilliant perhaps) but perhaps it scores low 1* in This category. If overall it’s rejected you don’t get an agreement but perhaps if a significant number of those accepting also give a low rating in This category, it triggers the production of the phrase in the email that effectively even those that thought it ok, thought it was weak in this area.

    No idea if this is correct just my interpretation 🤪

    @NianticTintino and @NianticDanbocat This question and the myriad of interpretations and past assumptions shows how damaging it is to try and achieve consistent reviewing when the details of the effects of reviewing are obfuscated. Yes I can see the old pigeon of it could lead to misuse and manipulation- but hey the cheaters are already doing that and will continue to do so. The only people this doesn’t help are the vast majority who need to understand the implications of what they are doing in voting.

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    Thanks! If those were posted earlier, I probably didn't click on everything and missed them (sorry!). (All the ones I've seen/gotten had the single reason.) With these in hand, and since I have tons of examples of rejections with only one or two reasons given, I agree that the AMA answer doesn't make a lot of sense.

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    Nice job @NianticTintino , people are more than happy ...... NOT


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