Dissatisfaction with the Brazil Wayfarer Challenge

Hello guys, my name is Lucas - Trainer Lv50 and Agent Lv10

My Wayfarer rating has always been great, with over 15k reviews done.

I apologize for the language errors that may appear in this text, but I hope it will be readable for everyone!

I want to come and express my dissatisfaction with Niantic's algorithm for the Wayfarer Challenge in Brazil and I will expose below 3 situations that occur to me, which for me are unacceptable:

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 1: Orders placed this year before starting the Challenge

Image 2: Orders placed near or during the Challenge

Image 3: 2020 Orders

What happens here:

These 2020 candidates are at least 9 MONTHS in voting. None of our local group of appraisers could find any of these in queue. Where are they? Are in Limbo again?

Orders placed close to the Challenge have already been evaluated, while orders placed throughout 2021 have not even entered the queue

I thought that this Challenge consisted of clearing the queue, starting with the oldest and gradually coming to the present day, but as far as I could see it doesn't work like that.

I wanted at least a plausible explanation for this to occur. We are 2 days away from finishing the Challenge and I'm extremely uncomfortable and frustrated with the experience I'm having.

Will I have to improve all of 2020 to give a final result until when? It's fair?

If they were dubious candidates it could even be an excuse (however lame it was), but they are churches, squares and graffiti.

I have been waiting 1 year for these candidates, and it completely disheartens me to know that among the more than 16,000 accepted portals, mine are not there.


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