What do we do with nominations stuck in voting limbo


I understand that nominations can get stuck in voting queue for months and sometimes even years.

I am part of a community(of 200+ wayfarer reviewers) in our city where we discuss about how to improve the quality of nominations and point out what could be wrong with each other's nominations so that we can get better at them.

This one nomination of mine came up on voting about 2 months back and I was excited to see whether someone from my community got to see it in their reviews. In the first day it was about 30 of them that reviewed it and as time went on it has completely been wiped off the local voting pool.

Is this normal behavior? If the nomination went about 50/50 in voting does it get stuck in this limbo?

Should I withdraw my nomination and submit a fresh one?

The lack of information on why nominations get stuck in voting pools really makes me feel helpless here.

Does anyone else know what is the right path forward to resolve such issues? Should I wait it out or resubmit for a better shot at not being stuck in limbo?

Does Niantic have any plans at making this process a bit more transparent to help us reviewers decide on similar cases.


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    Seems pretty par for the course to me 🤷‍♀️ It will possibly be seen early on, then die off. Then a year later it may pop up from time to time again. No idea why this is or why they don’t give priority to older nominations in voting. But it is what it is.

    If you delete and redo, you’ll just run into the same problem. Doesn’t matter how good of quality the nomination is. If you really want to see it in game, your best bet is to upgrade it and hope it’s not rejected.

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    This does describe how things sometimes happen in Wayfarer, but there is still the huge question of: Why?

    There is no design reason I can think of for putting something into mass-voting and then putting it on hold. If the objective is to have a growing database of curated objects and locations, I don’t see any value in retaining a large queue of gold, coal, or ???

    There is either a massive bug in the system, or the designer was incredibly analretentive.

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    I guess you might design it to work that way to try and quickly clear out total rubbish. So if it went into the pool and instantly got a certain number of 1* it comes out as a reject.

    for others it’s passed the first sift and then goes into a slower pool to wait for more assessment.

    its all very strange.

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    I know that @Qwizical-ING has had nominations stuck in limbo for over 2 years now. Not sure if Niantic have reached out to them with anything further.

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    yes, that is the same thing we see here.

    Thing come up, and then just fall flat on the face. These things are in voting for the last 12-18 Months.

    Basicly this is due to the fact that the Submissions never get resolved, they just continue to linger in the system, as they are overtaken by upgraded things and things that are in vacant S2 Level 9 Cells.

    It cannot be that the system doesnt resolve things that are submitted somewhere in 2019, but churns out things that (for example) i have submitted last week in a vacant S2 Level 9 Cell.

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    I really don't want to upgrade this after this long "in voting"

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    This is interesting, especially given the OPs location. I live in her area and *never* see nominations for Apex. It's outside a large city with a collection of suburbs. I regularly play in Apex, but again have often wondered why I never get nominations from there while getting plenty from towns in adjacent states that I have never been to.

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    I wonder if there is something in the programming that means if something gets upgraded in same S2 cell that it triggers a block.

    We know that if there is a limit of the number of POI in a cell ( I can’t remember if it’s Level 14 or 13) that can move from in queue to in voting status at any one time.

    So imagine 3 submitted on same day in same large cell that is in an area that is already well populated so in low priority stream.

    POI A moves to in voting and starts to accumulate votes.

    You get an upgrade as POI A is in voting you apply it to POI B which goes to in voting

    Could there be a bug that recognises that should only be one in voting in that cell and puts a brake on POI A ?

    The brake should be released as soon as POI B is resolved but maybe it isn’t as the brake release is also looking for it to have an in queue tag. ??? It would then be in limbo

    Could this also impact on POI C as there is a submission with an in voting tag in that cell so it can’t move to in voting so is stuck at in queue???

    In other words there is now a blockage in that cell preventing any movement unless upgraded which trumps all these tags???

    No idea if this is remotely possible as I’m not a programmer, but programming bugs and Niantic go hand in hand , and locally we have large areas that are in limbo.

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    Well, here in Brazil I have the same problem. A lot of submissions stuck in queue (“na fila”) or in voting from 2018-2019. All in the same area, and usually for me the solution is to put an upgrade in them, even after they’ve been in voting for more than 2 years. They get evaluated in a couple of days max.

    Anyways, it sucks a lot because they never get evaluated w/o an upgrade.

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    How can i know if my nomination is rejected?

    How lng for the nomination to br accepted or rejected?

  • PkmnTrainerJ-INGPkmnTrainerJ-ING Posts: 5,046 Ambassador

    If you log into Wayfarer, you’ll be able to see your nominations, and see the status. You will get an email when it’s accepted/rejected.

    This can take a few days or a few years. Anywhere in between.

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    Thank you for your info...

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    There are only two possibilities why nomination is stuck in either the queue or voting:

    A. Your nomination is located on a cells (S2 cells, not area) with high density Wayspots that, by Niantic's secret algorithm, won't be prioritized for review; or

    B. Your nomination is located on a dry voting area that have few to almost none reviewers who review your nomination.

    If your case is (A), please do some reviews and earn upgrade for your nominations, until Niantic changes their priority algorithm. If your case is (B), please try to ask some reviewers especially in this forum to set their bonus location to your area.

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    The playground equipment...

    Weren't you allowed to step on the grass ? Now you have a palmtree obstructing the view.

    Put some effort into your picture, even in your title. Give it a proper name.

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    My first nomination was about 2 or 3 months ago and it is still in queue, but i had 2 nomination which i submitted last month got accepted and already appear in pokemongo 😅

  • I got a accepted nomination in a empty cell. Ingress always shows a portal so I went to check there found nothing. I tried a new nomination but it does appear in wayfarer so will always come back as dubble. It is stuck in limbo. Year's go on is there still no way to fix this I mean come on why do I even bother. I spent time and resources only to be let down time after time again. Anyone ideas?

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    the playground equipment in voting since july:

    If I remember well this got rejected before and comment on the forum was: get a picture without the trees in front of it, put some effort in your nomination

    At the time, did you submit it multiple times, or did you just resubmit it with exactly the same picture, without taking into account the comment of the people here on the forum ?

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    Another factor not yet mentioned could be that it has not reached the threshold for decision e.g. it's feasible that this is linked to an overall average score over 3, and so if many reviewers give a middling review (neither accept nor reject), it will keep going around until it tips over into accept or reject

    I'm basing this on the fact that 'solid' accept or reject decisions seem to take the least time, at least Vs candidates that are controversial or not really covered by critera

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