Editorial battles,and photos doctored with red text (Case at Ibaraki Pre.)

Hi, @NianticGiffard .

In the course of my judging, I have seen images that are clearly inappropriate. I've also seen the accompanying editorial battles, which I'm passing on to you.

The Wayspot image is a monocrome photo with a large Japanese text that reads by red color, "学校敷地内にて削除申請中 ご協力ください(Requesting removal from school grounds, please cooperate)".

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=35.915109,140.153018&z=19

City: 3513 Kawarashiro-cho, Ryukesaki-shi, Ibaraki-Pref.




I will add numbers (1) to (6) to the description.



From the point of view of the separation of church and state, there is a clear separation between public primary schools and religious institutions throughout the country. We also ask you to remove irrelevant explanations, as requests for removal should be made through a legitimate approach.



Hachiman Shrine in Kawarashiro-cho, Ryukesaki City



Due to the portal on school grounds, both local AGs have applied for removal. We would be grateful for your cooperation.



Main building



None of these apply.

Google Street View

Although adjacent to the primary school, the grounds of the shrine are separated from the grounds of the primary school by means of an exclusion fence.

It appears that these two are different sites.

This means that some of the descriptions shown on the Edit screen are not true.

The following website is the official page of Kawahara Elementary School in Ryugasaki City, which was mentioned in the description.

Ryugasaki City Kawahara Elementary School

Have a look at the bottom of the official website.

You will see Ryugasaki City Kawahara Elementary School address.

It is worth noting the number.

Then take a look at Wayspot's address.

You will see that it is a different number from the Elementary School school address.

This proves that the two sites are not the same.

So it seems to me that the only thing that can be adopted in the editorial battle is (4) above.

I also think that the Wayspot photo with the red text that surprises you is a "doctored photo" that is clearly not true and should not be used.

I know you are very busy, but I would be grateful if you could investigate this matter.



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