Congratulations! - Brazil Wayfarer Challenge

A big congratulations to our Brazil Explorers! The Brazil Wayfarer Challenge has come to a close and all 3 tiers have been surpassed! WOW! I hope you all enjoyed the challenge. With that, I’m happy to share a summary of your achievements. 

Challenge Summary: 

  • Total Participants: 10,616
  • Total Accepted Nominations: 17,991 

Your rewards will be distributed no later than by the end of this weekend. Again, thank you all for your dedication to our Wayfarer Community! I’m looking forward to our next Wayfarer Challenge and hope it’s as successful as this one. 

Finally, we’re also looking to spice up the Wayfarer Challenges in the future. Keep an eye out for a post where you can share your thoughts and ideas.



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