Building demolished - 11 Spots gone

Title of the Wayspot:

  1. Snake City
  2. The Truth
  3. Tram im Slum
  4. Das gerupfte Huhn
  5. The Division Bell
  6. Rumble In The Jungle
  7. Der Weg Ist das Ziel
  8. Eck auf Spitz
  9. Aller Alpha ist schwer !
  10. Wild Fanta
  11. The Blues tell the Truth


  1. N48.1356 E11.518455
  2. N48.13545 E11.519214
  3. N48.135395 E11.519653
  4. N48.135394 E11.518652
  5. N48.135309 E11.51901
  6. N48.135261 E11.519421
  7. N48.135219 E11.518282
  8. N48.135111 E11.518301
  9. N48.135006 E11.518676
  10. N48.135042 E11.518982
  11. N48.135 E11.519494

City: Munich

Country: Germany

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: The complex got demolished recently and will have a new building as you can see in the photos. Unfortunately all the graffiti and so all the spots are gone. Hopefully there will be some new in the future.



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